Adoption vs Abortion – Selfless vs Selfish

Adoption vs Abortion

Yes, this will be controversial but I believe it’s truth. As an adoptive dad, this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I understand that there are many viewpoints but regardless of views or circumstances, truth remains truth. I hope that as you read this you would look at it with an open mind and hear it with a voice of compassion and consideration and not condemnation or judgment as we look at the “heart” of the difference between adoption and abortion.

Adoption vs Abortion

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Open, Semi-Open, Closed Adoptions – What’s the Difference?

A Look Into Open, Semi-Open, and Closed Adoptions

A Guide Through Adoptions

When considering adoption there are many terms that often get thrown around by “seasoned” adoption folks that can leave newcomers in a tangled state of confusion. Yes, even adoptions have a sort of lingo that comes with the territory that sometimes takes a little exploring to figure out what they mean.

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Life Happens: One Dad’s Adoption Journey

Life Happens. The Small Moments That Define Life

I always imagined what being a dad would be like. I had always enjoyed being around kids, whether working with younger kids in my school, or volunteering in our church’s preschool church, kids were full of laughter, innocence, and an unfiltered view of the world that I enjoy.

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Biological Versus Adoptive – Does it Feel Different?

Biological vs Adoptive

Written by my cousin, Tracy (mother of two, biological and adoptive)

I became a Mom in May 2015 through domestic adoption of a healthy baby girl that we named Jasmine. I became a Mom again in June 2017 by giving birth to a healthy baby boy that we named Colin. 

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Father to the Fatherless – Adoption Story

Father to the Fatherless – Adoption Story

Written by my cousin, Rebecca Rhea

The beginning of life for me was far from perfect. My birth-mother realized before I was born that she would not be able to keep me, so she did what many people do and decided to put me up for adoption. This seemed to be the best solution at the time and would prove to be God’s plan for my life.

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