5 Ideas That Can Help You Pick a Birthday Gift for a Teenager

Buying a birthday gift for someone is never easy. After all, you have to put your own taste aside and think about what the person in question would like to receive the most. However, things can get even trickier when your task is to find a suitable and interesting birthday gift for a teenager, as they are notoriously difficult to shop for. That being the case, the following ideas may inspire you to find the perfect present that your birthday boy/girl will love. Take a look.

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Roller Coaster Emotions – Adoption Story

Adoption – Tears of both Joy and Sorrow

Our children’s birthdays are extra special around our house. There were way too many prayers, tears, and smiles bringing all three of our children into our family. Why is that?! Because adoption is a joyful yet sorrowful, an exciting yet scary time for everyone involved! 

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Creating a Birthday Tradition to Remember

A Childhood Birthday Tradition 

We all have memories of our childhood. Some good, some bad. They are memories that stick with us throughout our lives. Making traditions that children can expect every single year not only creates excitement but also great memories. The Grow and Glow Candle by UberMom offers a birthday tradition for every year from one year old to 18 years old.

Birthday Tradition

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Happy Birthday to The Man Who Stole My Heart 17.5 years ago

Happy 36th Birthday Josh!

My blog is focused on family and life in general. So what a better place to tell the one who is the head of MY family, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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