Help Save Babies! Building a Baby Haven

Help Save Babies in South Africa

Several years ago, my husband, Josh, and I had the privilege of meeting Brent and Selina Bergey. Not only would they become missionaries our church supports but also our friends.

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Best Gifts for Kids Ages 0-2

Best Gifts for Kids Ages 0-2

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What Do All Foster Babies Need?

Security for Foster Babies

Taking in foster babies can be a difficult transition for both foster parent and baby. It is extremely important to understand what kind of homes these babies have come from and what you need to be sure to address, both medically and emotionally, based on their specific situation. One thing that ALL foster babies need is to feel secure and loved.

foster babies

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3 Things You Should Know About Babies

3 Things You Should Know About Babies

Having a newborn baby can be overwhelming. Babies can be messy, their crying causes you tons of stress, you don’t sleep as much as you would like. But there is nothing that can compete with having your little baby lying in your arms. The joy you feel when you look at its tiny face, the love you feel when you smell that lovely newborn smell, it makes up for all of it, and then some.

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Teething Relief With Tiny Teethers #Review

Tiny Teethers Brings Style and Soothing Into One

Crying, drooling, fevers, chewing on ANYTHING possible… does that bring some visions of  long days and extra long nights with your little one? They are so incredibly pitiful when they are teething, aren’t they? Let me tell you something that will help you get through those days! TINY TEETHERS!

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