Potential Signs Replacing the Roof Is In the Near Future

replacing the roof
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The roof of a home not only keeps the occupants safe from the elements but, at the same time, the property itself retains its aesthetic appeal and market value. However, over time, the roof can succumb to wear and tear, necessitating repair or replacement.

But over time, the roof of a home will need repairs and, in some cases, total replacement. This post in the following sections will shine a light on some potential signs that are indicators of a compulsory roof replacement.

Without wasting any more words, it is time to dive deep into the topic.

An Old Roof Should Be Replaced, Not Repaired!

As per the opinion of a spokesperson for a revered firm that offers services like roof replacement in Portland (https://cvcpdx.com/roof-replacement/), an old roof should be replaced and not repaired. This statement holds especially when one pays attention to the instructions penned by apex authorities like the HUD and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

According to experts, the shingle is the main point of failure for an old roof. As roof shingles could be of various types, the operational life of each shingle type varies as well.

For instance, roofing materials such as asphalt shingles can last up to 50 years. Similarly, the operational lives of metal, copper, zinc, wood, clay, concrete and slate shingles are:

  • 80 years (metal)
  • 70 years (copper)
  • 100 years (zinc)
  • 30 years (wood)
  • 50 years (clay)
  • 100 years (concrete)
  • 175 years respectively (slate)

If the roof shingles on one’s home have surpassed their permissible operational life, then it is best to replace the roof shingles and the roof itself instead of repairing it for the best results.

Signs Of Damage To The Roof’s Exterior Indicate A Roof Replacement Is Imminent

Roof replacement veterans associated with the leading roof replacement Portland (https://cvcpdx.com/roof-replacement ) service provider also advise homeowners to keep an eye out for signs of damage to the exterior section of their property’s roof. If they witness that the shingles on the roof are curled, buckled, missing, or warped in any manner, then instead of repairing the problematic sections of the roof, the entire roof should be replaced.

Below are some signs that indicate a roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible:

Visible Damage – Over time, weathering caused by rain, wind, and sun exposure can take its toll on the roof. If you notice evidence of damage, including cracked, broken or missing shingles, this could mean that your roof needs to be replaced.

• Algae and Moss growth – If you notice excessive moss or algae growth on the surface of the roof, it could indicate a problem with drainage and ventilation which can cause premature deterioration.

• Sagging Roof Deck – A sagging roof deck can be caused by too much moisture or a lack of support from the underlying structure. If you notice any signs of a sagging roof on your home, it could mean that it’s time for a replacement.

• Leaks – A leaking roof is an obvious sign that something needs to be fixed and if ignored, can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. If you notice any signs of a leak, it’s important to find a roofing company as soon as possible and have them assess the situation.

• Age – As mentioned earlier, the age of your roof is an important factor when considering whether or not it needs to be replaced. If your roof is more than 20 years old, it is likely time to consider a replacement.

Areas On The Roof That Receive Direct Sunlight Have Signs Of Damage

It is a known fact that the areas on a roof subjected to direct sunlight will show signs of wear and tear before the areas under some form of shade. Hence, it is natural for the areas on a roof that has been receiving direct sunlight for decades to have extensive damage. While these damaged sections can be repaired while one is at it, why not replace the entire roof and future-proof the property in the process? Just some food for thought!


In case the roof has droopy or soggy areas, then it is an indication that the water-repelling capabilities of the roof have been compromised. A simple repair just won’t cut it. A complete replacement of the roof would be the solution of a wise homeowner, especially when they want to ensure the value and structural integrity of their home remains intact. It is best to consult a roof replacement service provider at one’s earliest convenience to learn more.

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