Black Friday Shopping With Kids

It’s here! Who’s going shopping? Black Friday is all about getting great deals on items but it is also about tears, shouting matches and stampedes. However, things get a bit more hectic for those who bring their kids with them shopping on Black Friday.

Black Friday

Here is some useful tips on how to shop with the kids on Black Friday!

Many people like to head out at the crack of dawn or even before on Black Friday so they can take advantage of the store’s blockbuster deals. However, this year, many stores are having these deals all day long instead of just a few select hours. By waiting, you will probably avoid the worst of the crowds and still pick up some pretty amazing offers.

Black Friday

Bring another adult with you. By taking along another adult with you, they can distract your child when you are choosing their Christmas presents. This adult can also walk around the mall with your child or take them to get a snack when you are standing in a long line.

Let them help choose a couple of gifts. While you aren’t going to have them choose their own gifts, why not have them choose Grandma Sally’s gift or Uncle Bob’s gift? This will keep them from getting bored, whiny and cranky.

Let them actually buy the gifts too. You can take the above tip one step further and give them the cash, allowing them to head to the register. This provides them with a great opportunity to get a lesson in math and also keeps them occupied for a while.

Ensure that safety comes first. Before leaving, map out a plan with your kids in case they get separated from you. Choose a location that will be easily accessible for them as a meeting place. We always tell our kids to go to customer service in the front of the store and have us paged in the even that we get separated.

Have fun and enjoy your day out!

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