Planning a Dream Wedding

Country Class Dream Wedding

Most little girls dream of their wedding day. At a young age, they may not be thinking about the actual marriage part but instead, they think of the beautiful wedding gown, pretty decorations, fancy food, gifts, dancing, and the gathering of friends and family. Having a perfectly planned wedding that is dreamed about even before meeting the love of their life puts high expectations in their mind about that special day! 

Dream Wedding

A lot of women already have in their head exactly what they want their wedding day to look like from the expectations of what their dress style will be all the way down to the decoration theme of the reception. 

My friend just got married a couple weekends ago. My daughter was one of her flower girls. I asked if I could share photos from her wedding reception because it was one of the most beautifully decorated wedding receptions I have been to.

Popcorn Tent

After the wedding, guests went to the outdoor pavilion for the reception while the bridal party wrapped up a few photos of the whole bridal party. Since this was a full course meal type of reception, while the guests waited for the bride and groom, the popcorn tent was open for a light snack. 

Dream Wedding They had a pop-up canopy that housed a table with a popcorn machine, lanterns for decoration and metal buckets full of ready to grab bags of popcorn. The canopy was right outside the pavilion to keep lines from forming under the pavilion. It worked perfect, giving guests a little snack before the full course meal!

Guest Table Decorations

With white table cloths, burlap and lace table runners, they used a mixture of mason jars, flowers, candles, and twine on a gold platter on both ends of the tables. Beside each, they had papers for guests to fill out about thoughts on their marriage as well as advice. Guests filled these out while they enjoyed the popcorn before the bridal party arrived.

Dream Wedding

In the center of each table was a handmade wooden, stained plantar. Inside each planter was 3 mason jars.

Dream Wedding

The middle mason jar had a floating flower while the outside mason jars were filled with decorative string lights. Baby’s breath and white tulle were used around the jars to fill the rest of the space inside the planters. 

Dream Wedding

The bridal party tables were at the front of the pavilion along with the table for the bride and groom. The bridal party tables were decorated similar to the guest tables except the center mason jar had a bouquet of flowers similar to the flowers the bridesmaids carried.

Dream Wedding

At the base of each guest table were decorations as well including hand painted signs with sayings on them, candles, upside down planting pots covered in moss, more mason jars with baby’s breath and flowers. 

Dream Wedding

Bride & Groom Table

There are typically two areas most brides are determined to make stand out in the reception area. The cake table and the table in which the bride and groom sit. 

Behind the bride and groom stood pallet walls with sheer white material hanging between the pallet walls making a beautiful backdrop for the happy couple! Directly center hung a framed chalkboard on one of the pallet walls introducing the couple.

Dream Wedding

The front of the bride and groom table had a wooden planter filled with the mason jars holding the decorative lights, white tule, and baby’s breath to tie in the guest tables to the bride and groom table. A plaque made of wood and burlap announced the table was for the Mr. & Mrs. A larger flower arrangement than any of the other tables and the blue table cloth made the focus under the whole pavilion directed to that specific table. 

Dream Wedding

The bride and groom sat on a wooden bench also made of pallets and painted rustic white. At the front base of the table was a variety of mason jars with decorative lights, mason jars with baby’s breath, an upside down planter like the ones on the tables, and a lite up sign that said “Love”. 

Dream Wedding

Cake Table

I absolutely LOVE the tables they made out of the big wooden spools that are used by power companies large power lines. Covering the table was a lace tablecloth and big lights wrapped around the base of the table. 

Dream wedding

Of course, her cake was beautiful, tieing in the lace and burlap theme throughout the rest of the reception. The cake rested on a cut from a tree that helped tie in the cake table with the planters on the guest tables. 

Dream Wedding

Additional cupcakes were added on both sides shaped into the letters A and A for both of their first names. Mason jar “Bride” and “Groom” cups were placed beside the cake with more lace and burlap flowers around the center of each cup.

The reception was beautifully decorated and carefully thought out to make sure the classy country theme flowed through the entire reception area making it her ultimate dream wedding!

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