Pick a Fedora Hat to Complete Your Fashion Look in 2022

Fedora hats have been a trending head accessory for men and women since the 19th century and still don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon in the 21st century. 

pick a Fedora hat

Available in various versions, it may seem like a daunting task to choose the perfect fedora according to one’s needs. When purchasing a fedora hat and its looks, it is necessary to note the hat’s size, color, shape, and style before choosing.

Firstly, it is crucial to determine the correct size. It must fit the wearer’s head correctly lest it loses most of its appeal. The size of the hat varies from one hat maker to another. Hence, the medium size of one brand differs from the medium of another. The measurement of the head’s circumference should be 18 inches above the ears. It would help if you referred to the brand’s sizing chart before placing final orders.

When choosing the fedora hat color, it is crucial to consider the outfit, hair color, and skin color. Colors like black and dark grey are safe bets as they are pretty versatile, and you may easily pair them with neutral color suits and bold ones like red.

One may choose blue, brown, or green too. The wearer’s skin color and hair color also help in picking the right colored hat. For example, olive-skinned people look better with browns and greens, while grey and green pair well with grey hair. Darker hair colors and complexions go well with blue, brown, green, and gray.

In terms of shape, fedoras differ in the following areas:

  • Details of Crown Crease

Both heavily creased as well as a flatter fedora is available. The crease may be at the side or straight down through the hat’s middle. One may even go for an open crown.

  • Understand the story of the brim

The widest difference lies in the size of the brim. Short, medium, and wide-sized brims are available for you to select. A must-have for every style and face shape must be relied upon when deciding on the brim. A face shape guide helps determine the best option.

Typically, hat makers make fedoras from common materials such as felt from rabbits and beavers, cashmere, wool, straw, leather, linen, cotton, or hemp. The heavier the material of the hat, the warmer it will be. Colder environments require hats made of wool, felt, or leather. Regarding summer activities, hats made of straw, linen, or light cotton are excellent choices. Additionally, extra accessories like ribbons and feathers add some more flair to the hat.

Apart from the basics above, fedora hats come in a variety of styles to choose from:

  • Classic Fedora is a must 

Probably the most common style is the classic felt fedora, adorned by celebrities and royals since the 1800s, and its popularity still grows. This hat style has a lengthwise crease which is on the sides of the crown and ends at the front with a pinch. The brim is generally 2.5 inches wide. Although it ultimately depends on the choice of the hat maker, the classic fedora comes from felt or wool.

  • Panama Hats can do wonders 

The Panama hat looks similar to a typical fedora and comes out of thin straw. Its characteristic features of being lightweight and breathable due to the nature of straw make it an ideal summer hat. Soft and malleable straw is tightly woven together making it easy to use even in a rainy environment.

  • Safari Hat is a must-have asset 

A safari hat is a wide-brimmed fedora. Typically, the crown has no center dent and is flatter. The wide brim acts as a shield, protecting the face and eyes from the harsh rays of the sun and rain. You will find leather and straw Safari hats in the market.

  • Try Trilby

The trilby hat is very similar to the classic fedora in crown shape, except it is generally much sharper. It has a curled and short brim.

  • Homburg Fedora is in fashion 

A Homburg fedora hat usually has a taller and sharper crown in comparison to the classic fedora, but it has a center dent. Typically, these hats’ brims have an upward slope on both sides. 

  • Fedora with Pork Pie looks elegant 

A pork pie hat is very similar to the classic version, except the former has a rounded crown. The brim is comparatively shorter, and the crown’s sides do not have much slant.

With so many options available, the wise thing to do is to browse multiple sellers. One may usually find a wide selection of hats from manufacturers that specialize in making hats. Additionally, keeping in mind their head measurements and referring to that particular company’s size chart, it will be easy to find the perfect fedora hat.

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