Don’t Let Peripheral Artery Disease Rob You of a Healthy Life

Steps to Help You Live Better 

peripheral artery disease

Patients who suffer from peripheral artery disease (PAD) can lead an active and good life! There is plaque development in your arteries, which doesn’t provide ample blood flow to the arms, head, organs, and leg. 

Even though the ailment is severe and is also painful, you can slow it down in several ways. For this, you need to get in touch with the correct medical practitioner from a reputed clinic. To know more, you can check out Access Vascular Health: Michelle Maneevese, MD Houston. And based on the choices that you make in your daily life, there is a scope that you might reverse the symptoms and avert surgery, which is the last resort as a treatment. 

A few of the popular care guidelines include the following:

You should rest and walk

The pain might stop you from doing certain activities. However, it is essential for you to exercise in this ailment. But how can you exercise when you are in pain? It would help if you did this smartly. Start by listening to your body and know when you must pause. Try to take a break when you feel discomfort on your legs. Once the pain fades, you can start walking again. Once you rest and start, you get to build the body. Make it a point to stretch before you start to walk. Also, choose a route which is close to your house, for you to get back when there is a need to. Start walking slowly and gradually increase the speed. You will become better with your walk when you are consistent. 

Choose the correct exercises

It would help if you talked with an expert doctor to know the activities ideal for you. Chances are they will suggest exercises to reduce the PAD symptoms. You should exercise for 30 minutes for a few times a week. Pick the exercises which you love doing. If you get bored of walking, you can try riding a bicycle and swimming at a pool. A yoga or fitness class can also work wonders. 

It would do you good when you ask a friend to exercise with you. It kills boredom and makes you even more active. For the ones who can afford it, should invest in a personal trainer so that you don’t get distracted from the goal. Working out can provide more benefits than decreasing the PAD symptoms. It can enable you to bring down your blood pressure and also reduce harmful cholesterol levels. It benefits your heart and overall health. 

Take good care of your legs and feet

Usually, people think PAD affects their legs, mostly the thighs and calves. It will ache more when you wall or get engaged in some activities, for your muscles require more blood for that. 

As the blood doesn’t flow freely, there is a scope for you to feel numbness and pain.

These are some ways you can live better with PAD, reduce the symptoms and in specific cases, even reverse the ailment. 

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