Six Things to Do in Your New Home Before You Move

New Home Before You Move
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Moving into a new house can be an exciting chapter that may also bring some challenges. Conversely, moving to another city may offer excellent career opportunities, a chance to understand new cultures, and an enhanced quality of life. According to a report by Shyft, over 98% of Americans move homes annually in search of better opportunities and quality of life. 

In addition, some cities have witnessed a greater population surge than others, especially Marysville, Washington. According to a recent report, Marysville’s population has gradually increased over the last twenty years by 142.5% owing to desirable living conditions and better career opportunities.

Home remodeling becomes inevitable once you finally move to a new state and find a new house. Renovating your house allows you to be creative and customize your house to your liking. Home renovation also increases the value of your house, especially if you’re in Marysville, where the housing market is trending up by 2.9% since June—according to REDFIN.

In this article, we share some essential things to do before you move into your new house, so read on.

Use Self-Storage Units

When you move to a new house, it’s important that you carefully plan how you’ll store your belongings. If you’re moving to a city with a higher cost of living like Marysville—where the cost of living is 21% more than the national average—you might need to downsize to save money. Whether you need some space or are waiting for renovations to be completed, renting a Marysville self storage unit is a great option to keep your belongings safe and secure. A reliable company will protect your belongings while offering a variety of units to meet your demands at economical prices. Moreover, the advanced security measures incorporated in their sites, such as electronic gate entrances and 24-hour video monitoring, ensure security and comfort while relocating.

The self-storage units can come in handy while organizing your current space before you move in. Also, storing seasonal goods, extra furniture, and unnecessary items away will make your house look cleaner and more organized, enhancing the aesthetical appeal of your house.

Change Locks of Doors and Windows

One of the most fundamental things you should do before moving into a new house is to change the locks. There is a chance that the previous homeowners or tenants may still have a spare key, which could be a security risk. To ensure your safety, we suggest you call a locksmith to change the locks on your front, back, and garage doors.

In addition, windows are often the most vulnerable point of entry for intruders, so ensuring they are secure should be your top priority. 

Incorporate Smart Security System 

As mentioned above, when you move into a new home, implementing security measures is essential for your and your family’s safety. Installing a security system can be the best thing you can do before moving into your new house. Recent statistics show that there were 342 burglaries in the US for every 100,000 households, highlighting that the risk of robbery is more likely. Therefore, a security system is necessary to protect your home and ensure peace of mind.  

You can make your moving experience peaceful by installing motion detectors, alarm systems, and surveillance cameras to stay on guard if someone tries to break into your house. Besides, remote monitoring can also be a good idea to monitor your home even when you’re away.

Pay Heed to the Basics 

To ensure a smooth and safe relocation to your new place, you must address the basic issues beforehand. It includes checking for plumbing faults and electricity issues and getting them fixed as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage. Besides, installing fancy lights can be a great way to add more sophistication to your new residence.

Moreover, ensuring your heating and cooling system is fully functional before you finally move in is important. For example, upgrading the HVAC system can help you save on electricity costs and make it more energy efficient. You can also insulate the windows and doors that let in heat to keep your home cooler. Also, installing insulation on the walls and ceilings is an effective method to trap heat during winter.

In addition, make sure all the essential utilities are available when you get to your new house. We suggest you immediately contact suppliers to arrange for water, gas, and internet for a seamless relocating experience. Don’t forget to change your address with the concerned organizations.

Upgrade your Kitchen and Bathroom

Sprucing up your bathroom and kitchen is essential to enhance your moving experience. An old-fashioned kitchen can overshadow the overall appearance of your house, whereas a modernized one can make it more functional and efficient.

There are many ways to upgrade your kitchen, including installing modern appliances. Integrating the latest technology in your kitchen can lessen energy consumption and save money on electricity bills. Additionally, choosing durable countertops helps elevate your kitchen’s overall appearance. You can opt for marble, granite, or quartz countertops to add elegance to your kitchen and boost your house’s appeal.

Regarding bathroom upgrades, you can replace old fixtures, such as showerheads, racks, and faucets, to improve your bathroom’s appeal and increase its functionality. If you are not on a tight budget, you may consider updating your vanity to add a focal point. Likewise, changing the bathroom tiles, fixing any plumbing issues, and adding a fresh layer of paint can also improve the overall feel of your bathroom.

Add a Fresh Layer of Paint 

Painting is an effective way to renovate your house, and doing it before moving into your new abode can save you the trouble of moving furniture around to paint.

Follow these steps while painting your house

• Consider your taste and the architect of your house while selecting a color.

• Choose high-quality paint that can resist elements and last longer.

• Use tools like rollers, sprayers, or brushes for even application.

• Resort to professionals for enhanced results.

Final Thoughts 

Moving into a new house can be overwhelming. By following the tips mentioned above, you can design a place that reflects your taste and ensure a soothing experience as soon as you and your family enter the door. However, you can achieve the desired result by being patient and seeking professional help to help you with your new home before you move. Make sure you opt for self-storage units to keep your house clutter-free. Good luck and happy moving!

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