Let’s NOT Make A New Year’s Resolution?! #New Years Resolutions

Why Not Make A New Years Resolution That You Can Keep

Let’s face it, sticking to New Years resolutions hardly ever happens. Gyms stay packed out from January 1st til sometime in February and then are empty once again. I am not knocking anyone who makes resolutions by any means. If you can do it, then by ALL means, DO IT (and tell ME your secrets)!


There is a resolution that I think is a resolution that everyone should make that SHOULD not be as hard as it is to keep! Being completely YOURSELF! Much harder said than done. Boy do I know all about that.


I am a people pleaser for sure. I have been since I was a kid. Always wanting to make everyone happy. Trying to be a peacemaker in all aspects of life regardless of how it effects me mentally or physically. To be honest, I did it for so long that I finally broke. 

This past year has been one of those terrible years that I wish I could rewind and change it all but then again I would not want to go back through 2016 for nothing. I am glad tomorrow is the last day of 2016 and SUPER excited about 2017 getting here!

I broke this year and truly fell apart. Depression and anxiety hit really hard and intense. I know there were medical reasons for some of it but I also feel like there was a lot that built up from simply caring for everyone but myself. I wasn’t being ME because I was trying to please everyone else and make sure everyone liked me for who THEY WANTED ME to be. That is NOT the way to live. 

No one seems to want to be themseleves anymore. They just want to be like the movie star they are obsessed with or a singer they love or like the well liked person at school or work. Be unique, only one person can be YOU. 


Everyone has positive and negative traits that not everyone likes. BUT, that makes YOU, YOU and ME, ME! So, instead of trying to make resolutions you can’t keep, let’s make a resolution to just be YOU! Of course, the best version possible of YOU but BE YOU! Happy New Years All!


9 thoughts on “Let’s NOT Make A New Year’s Resolution?! #New Years Resolutions

  1. I never stick to resolutions. I find it best just work on myself and not feel bad for messing up a resolution.

  2. I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions. For these reasons, just be yourself. If there is something you’d like to try like the gym or eating healthier, than just do it! I find that I have an easier time doing something by just doing it rather than plastering the internet with my “New Year, New Me! New Years Resolution!”. Nope, I’m still going to be the same me and maybe through out the year I’ll try some different things.

  3. Resolutions set most of us up for failure – which makes us feel ever less motivated. A friend who seems to know how to do an amazing amount of things (juggle, sew, bake, use power tools, etc) told me her secret – every New Years her only “resolution: ius to try one new thing she’s curious about or always wanted to try. Sometimes the new thing sticks and becomes a part of who she is. Other times she finds she has no aptitude or it wasn’t what she expected and she drops it. But that means in the past 20 years she’s tried MANy new things. LOVE IT. So my first year I followed her lead – I was afraid of heights and wanted to het over it, and I had a friend who’s mom owned a flight school. So I took a few flight lessons! Loved it!!! Sadly I found it was too expensive and time consuming to go for my pilots license. Still it was a wonderful experience that made me a little more fearless πŸ™‚ The next year – cake decorating! This year – not sure yet. Maybe learning a second language…

  4. I like that “let’s make a resolution to just be YOU”. I will try that this year and I am also happy that 2016 is over!

  5. I never like New Year’s resolutions. I try to set goals instead and adjust throughout the year. I don’t like the pressure and fear of failing.

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