The Joovy Boot Providing an Extra Hand

Moms constantly have their hands full! Ok, that is an understatement. Maybe I should say, moms always have their hands overflowing with everyone else’s “stuff”. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have gone to a park with just the diaper bag in hand but by the time we were walking back to the car, I had a basketball, a couple of jackets, and several empty drink bottles (all while trying to herd the kids back to the van). Been there or maybe you are STILL there? The Joovy Boot is going to make life so much simpler.

Joovy Boot

Joovy Boot Giving Me a Hand!

I am a mom of three kids, ages 17, 12, and 6 years old. I am also a foster mom of children who come and go between the ages of 0-6 years old. We currently have a 7-month-old in our care who loves to be held. (Quite honestly, I love to hold him, too.) Whether it be a trip to the zoo or a walk in a park, I typically have my hands full between having him and a diaper bag. When I “baby wear”, my hands are free but I sure don’t want to add to my load by carrying around a diaper bag or other items. However, I have NO problem pushing around the Joovy Boot!

Joovy Boot

I have always said, “I need one of the carts like what you find at Kohl’s to push around.” Well, now I do.. the Joovy Boot! The Joovy Boot is like the carts at Kohls but much nicer!! It is extremely easy to push both on pavement, the grass, or even in the sand (or any other surface for that matter).

Joovy Boot

We even use it inside our house. My daughter piles the clean laundry from the dryer and pushes it back to our bedroom for us to fold! It is a way for her to really be a part of the team when it comes to us getting the house clean! She has a blast doing it, too! 

Joovy Boot

About the Joovy Boot

This high-quality cart is made of durable, lightweight materials that are capable of transporting up to 70lbs of “stuff”. The cart itself only weighs 15lbs. With the all-terrain wheels that are made of EVA rubber, the Joovy Boot will glide across any surface

Joovy Boot

Brake System

Featuring a one-step brake, you can rest easy knowing that, despite the uncertainty of your children’s next move, you have easy control if you need to stop on a dime! It is the only cart on the market with a brake system.

Joovy Boot

Removable Tote

Inside the cart, you will find a removable tote with magnetic holders and durable handles so you can carry your belongings inside the house without having to remove the whole Boot from your vehicle.

Joovy Boot

Compact Storage

The Joovy Boot comes assembled other than needing to quickly lock the wheels into place. It offers a super easy, one-handed hold feature and then folds back flat for storing when not in use. 

So, whether you use it for shopping or a day at the park, the Joovy Boot is an exceptional choice for busy moms or even the elderly that need the “extra hand”. You can buy yours, HERE.

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