How to Get an Affordable Wedding Marquee Hire

How to Get an Affordable Wedding Marquee Hire

If you are going to have a marquee hire, then, there are some major factors to consider. The entire day of your event can be reflected by what sort of covering you are providing to your guests. Your big day is one of the biggest events of your life and there should be lots of things to be done. You can look for the professional help for the planning, but you still need to have your own personal preferences to ensure that you will get the magical day that you have dreamed of.

Wedding Marquee

Not everyone has the spending power like the wealthy superstars who may have the expensive and high-end marquees for the wedding party. You can follow some easy tricks to get the best value on hiring a marquee for your wedding party.

Here are some tips to get the best marquee in your budget:

Look around

Just get the estimates from at least six suppliers who seem to be offering the best price. You can visit the supplier’s office or can check their online website to discover the right price. Search online to get the complete list of service providers from your locality. Select the one very carefully to get the best professional service in your certain budget.

Avoid peak weekends

Lots of people choose to get married in the wedding seasons or on weekends, which coincide with popular public gatherings and result in the scarcity of marquees. This can lead to higher price. If you need to have a summer wedding, go with an August date, when you will be able to get a good deal. A marquee can be transformed for your winter wedding party and the significant cost savings can be made on the prices of marquee hire.

Book it early

The event managers or supplier of marquee like to plan their timetable in advance and have as many as for next year. Some of the suppliers also offer the early booking discounts to their customers. So, you can book the marquee in advance just after finalizing the d-day for a decent discount. Not only you will get a good saving on normal prices, but you will also be able to secure the cost and safeguard yourself from the inflationary increases in labor and fuel. Make sure to keep the receipt of your booking to ensure that cost you agreed is fixed.

Wedding Marquee

Book a wedding marquee package

You will find popular sizes of marquee and permutation of the accessories that a number of marquee firms offer as the fixed bundles including carpet, marquee, linings, drapes, swags, chandelier, furniture, lighting, sashes, chair covers, dance floor and even table linen. If you go for the packages, it is possible to get a good discount on your marquee hire.

You can choose to decorate the marquee as you desire like you can choose the base color and you can arrange both the formal and the informal seating options. If you go for a package, the marquee hire company will help you with the decorations and seating arrangements

Make the best use of Marquee space

It is not very unusual to have the eleventh-hour variations to the guest list and it is not possible always to expand the marquee. Manage some smart spaces within the marquee and fit some extra dining tables within the dining area or just place them on the dance floor etc. By this way, you need to pay simply for the extra furniture instead of extra bays to your marquee.

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