The Ultimate Guide to Unpacking Your Horseshoe Game Set

horseshoe game set
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Tossing horseshoes is a favorite national pastime that dates back to the second century. People of all ages love playing horseshoes. Whether in a National Horseshoe Pitching Tournament or at a backyard BBQ, a simple game set can bring people together. You may be considering a new horseshoe game set from Elakai Outdoor, or you may already own one; either way, it’s essential to know how to unpack and care for your game. 

A Brief History of the Horseshoes Game Set

History holds that horseshoes are rooted in the Grecian Olympic Games in the second century. These Olympic Games included discus throwing. The followers of the Grecian armies needed help to afford the traditional discus. However, they did have discarded horseshoes from their horses’ feet, so they began pitching those. Historians have not been able to establish precisely when the two stakes were added, but the game stood the test of time. England was the first to establish rules to govern the game of horseshoes in 1869. 

Qualities of a Premium Set

If you invest in a horseshoes game set for social activities, you’ll want to ensure it is of good quality, like the set from Elakai Outdoor. There are a few things to look for when you’re shopping. According to socially accepted rules, each horseshoe itself weighs 2 pounds 8.5 ounces. This is the ideal weight for tossing while providing balance and control. A finger positioner will let you hold and toss your horseshoes like a pro.

The tapered leading edges provide ease for the horseshoes to slide into the stakes, and the ringer breaker allows it to spin without bouncing off. Of course, the horseshoes are durable, forged steel with a high-quality Sherwin-Williams powder coat finish. The different colors make it easier for a multiplayer game. The 24-inch tossing stakes are also a solid steel construction. 

How to Put a Horseshoes Game Set Together

Setting up a horseshoes game set is relatively easy. Most play in a pit filled with clay, sand, or loose soil. People often build them in their backyards with landscape timbers as the backboard. The hole should be about 36 inches wide and 43 to 72 inches deep. The two stakes are placed in the ground 40 feet apart, each extending 15 inches above the surface. A foul line is typically marked around 3 feet from each stake, so the resulting throw distance is 37 feet. The offensive line is closer to 27 feet for junior and elderly contestants. Now you’re ready to play. 

To play, each player pitches two shoes without crossing the foul line. Most games are played to 40 points. After listing, the closest shoe to the stake gets the point. If you have two shoes closer than your opponents, you get 2 points. Ringers are worth 3 points, but if your opponent throws a fraud directly on top of yours, they cancel each other out. Leaners are worth one point and are considered closer than any others except ringers. 

Enjoy Your Horseshoe Game Set

Now that you know how to set it up, you can enjoy your horseshoe game for hours. To best care for your set, you’ll want to wipe it down with a dry towel and pack it away neatly in its case after every use. This will prevent rust along with wear and tear on your set. Premium horseshoe sets come with a lifetime guarantee if adequately cared for. These are the best sets to invest in so you’ll be prepared for every family day, reunion, and backyard BBQ. 

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