Economy Shipping vs. Standard Shipping: Which one is the best for you?

Economy Shipping vs. Standard Shipping
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Shipping is integral to the success of any business. It becomes imperative to find a shipping service that can boost your business reputation by way of timely and secure deliveries. That said, it can be hard to find the right option for your shipments. Read further to explore two popular options for shipping – economy shipping and standard shipping and their differences to learn what’s right for you and your business. 

What is Economy Shipping?

Economy shipping is a popular method acknowledged for its value-effectiveness and outranks other methods among budget-conscious customers. If you are not in a hurry to get your items and are inclined to wait a bit longer, this may be a great alternative for you.

Like other methods, economy shipping has its pros and cons. The positives are, without a doubt, its low, competitive rates in comparison to other methods of shipping. The cons of this approach are the duration of time it takes to deliver your package, the lack of coverage alternatives, and constrained tracking abilities. If you are unsure of which type of shipping would be best for you, you can get a quote from companies like on using their fulfillment services for shipping vs mailing the packages yourself.

What is Standard Shipping?

Want shipments delivered faster and available at competitive rates? Standard shipping may be the right option for you. Widely recognized for being faster than your traditional economy shipping, standard shipping offers good value for money when shipping products to your customers. 

What makes this a perfect option for shippers is being able to get packages in the hands of your customers with dependable service that delivers in a secure manner, the potential to monitor shipments in real-time, quicker deliveries, and ultimately, not breaking your budget for it. 

Despite several positive aspects to standard shipping, it may not be the best alternative for your concern, as it is on the higher side of an economy service and cannot match the speed of an expedited service.

Which Shipping Method Should You Choose?

So, how do you determine the best approach for shipping? All you need to do is consider critical factors that impact your business indirectly, such as the costs to ship an item, the overall value of an item, and the delivery speed. The lack of coverage in economy shipping makes it less ideal for those shipping valuable or precious items. Standard shipping offers insurance coverage and has better tracking capabilities that would be better suited for high-value items. Please note that policies may vary from one vendor to another. Do your due diligence with your shipping provider before you begin your shipping process to figure out which shipping method is the best match for your needs.


While economy shipping is an excellent choice for those that don’t mind the extra wait, standard shipping is perfect for those in search of good value for money and speedier delivery times. Opt for the method that will reach your customer’s hearts and, in turn, increase your bottom line. Ultimately, the method you choose has a direct role in the success of your business and the reputation it builds with your customers.

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