Creating a Birthday Tradition to Remember

A Childhood Birthday Tradition 

We all have memories of our childhood. Some good, some bad. They are memories that stick with us throughout our lives. Making traditions that children can expect every single year not only creates excitement but also great memories. The Grow and Glow Candle by UberMom offers a birthday tradition for every year from one year old to 18 years old.

Birthday Tradition

I have been to a lot of birthday parties over the course of my life. Between my own family and friends and my kid’s friends, we have seen many birthday cakes. Kids always love the time during the party that they get to make a wish and blow out the candle! What if they could have a SPECIAL candle to add to that excitement? 

Birthday Tradition

The Candle

Light the Grow and Glow Candle year after year while reminiscing about all the special moments that your child has had since their last birthday. Each year is marked on the candle to represent the special year of their life.

Birthday Tradition

The Book

Aside from the Grow Glow Candle being a symbol of love, tradition, and memories year after year, there is more! Your child can also read the hardcover book that joins the candle. Each spread in the book honors each year of their life. Full of colorful illustrations, your child will be eager to open up this book each year. They will spend time reading and reflect on their life and look forward to the milestones still ahead of them.

Birthday Tradition

The Box

Both the book and the candle are neatly displayed in a very nice, sturdy fold-out box. The box will protect the candle and book but also allow for either storing neatly or placing on display within your home.

Birthday Tradition

The Grow & Glow Candle is a great gift at a baby shower. It can also be given to that sweet little “almost one year old” in your life! 

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