8 Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Motorcyclists

Mistakes made by beginner motorcyclists
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Motorcyclists love the thrill of the ride and the feel of wind brushing by as they speed down roads. However, while motorcycling is a ton of fun, it can also prove to be much more dangerous and accident-prone than operating traditional motor vehicles. Knowing how to avoid common mistakes is especially important if you’re a beginner. To help you stay safe on the roads, and to help you perfect your riding technique, here are eight common mistakes made by beginner motorcyclists: 

1. Stopping on Uneven Roads

Have you noticed your bike can feel hard to control at stops when the road is not perfectly even? There’s a reason for this, as the tilt of the ground beneath you is disrupting your sense of balance. As a beginner motorcyclist, you should always try to determine if the ground you’re stopping on is even or not, and if it is the latter, be sure you take extra caution to avoid tipping over. 

2. Overconfidence 

Overconfidence can lead to lots of beginner-level mistakes. While it’s important to feel confident while riding, overconfidence can cause you to think you have absolutely no room for improvement. Not only is this far from the truth (as all riders need the experience to perfect the art of motorcycling), but it can cause you to enter into dangerous situations you would otherwise avoid. Once you are truly an expert rider, you can even take your child on a ride in a safe area, and they will be absolutely thrilled and grateful for the unique experience. 

3. “The Crutch” 

Many beginners fail to remove their crutch before they try to go, causing their motorcycle to stall as a result. Not only can this damage your bike, but if you push the gas too hard, you may even find yourself slipping into a painful accident. It’s one of the most common beginner’s mistakes, but if you nail it into your head to remove the bike’s crutch each time you hop on, you’ll be protected. 

4. Listening to Music

Music can be a lot of fun while riding, but unless you’re on a track all by yourself, it is one of the more dangerous things you can do while operating a motorcycle. Riders rely on understanding the sounds and actions happening around them, and music can significantly distract from this. Additionally, music can often cause confusion, and can even make you feel disoriented by sounds that are hard to pin down. 

5. Incorrect Turn Signal Usage 

Both failing to use your signals, and leaving them on for too long, can cause lots of issues when you’re on a motorcycle. Especially if you’re on a highway, leaving a signal on, or failing to use one to switch lanes, can prove incredibly dangerous. Once again, this is a step that can be hard to fully pin down, so practice the right signal usage as much as possible before taking a big ride. If you find yourself in an accident that is no fault of your own, contact the professionals at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to get the restitution you deserve. 

6. Insufficient Clutch Control 

Clutch control is one of the more difficult skills riders must hone when they begin riding a motorcycle. You need to disengage your clutch as quickly as possible to ensure you have finessed control over your bike. Listen to your instructor closely during riding courses and you’ll be much more likely to perfect the subtle art of clutch control. 

7. Not Paying Attention to Your Fuel Levels 

Not all motorcycles actually have fuel gauges. This is one of the many tips for buying a motorcycle you can find in an article by Southeast Financial. Even those that do typically get fairly poor gas mileage. For this reason, it’s crucial that you always keep a clear idea in your head of how much gas you’re likely to have left. Otherwise, you risk suddenly running out of fuel in an area where doing so puts you and others in danger. Failing to keep up to date with your fuel could also leave you stranded, and that’s never a good time. 

8. Not Staying Up to Date with Maintenance and Repairs

Just like any other vehicle, motorcycles require a decent amount of maintenance to run smoothly. With motorcycles, however, mechanical issues can prove much more dangerous mid-ride. By staying on top of your bike’s condition at all times, and checking it out before every ride, you’ll stay much safer (and save more money on avoidable maintenance and repairs as well). 

The Road is Ready, Are You?

Being fully confident (but not overconfident) before hitting the road with your motorcycle is your duty as a motorcyclist. These eight tips will help give you a head start on perfecting your riding technique and will ensure you stay safe on the busy roads ahead of you. Be sure to wear your motorcycle gear to stay protected and focused as well, as failing to do so is another common mistake beginner motorcyclists make. 

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