6 Great Gift Ideas for Book-Loving Moms

Written by Jess

As a child, I loved to read. In fact, I would often read 2-3 books per day (Babysitters Club anyone?). Once I became a mom, my ability to read books as I once had was significantly limited. My love for reading and learning grew and shifted into a passion for non-fiction and how-to books. I love to pick up a book, read a chapter or two and not have to follow a storyline, yet come away feeling like I have learned something and can tuck it away for a future conversation with an adult (sigh!). I made a list of a few of the best books for mothers this Mother’s Day.

book loving mom

1. Cooking with Nonna by Rosella Rago

Cooking with Nonna is by far one of the best cookbooks that I have read, yes, read, in some time. Each page holds a snippet of a story or memory from 25 Italian grandmothers (nonnas) along with 100 recipes straight from the kitchens of Italy. Learn how to make a four-cheese lasagna that has been made in an authentic Italian restaurant for over 20 years or travel through time with Rina as she speaks of an unusual way to receive a marriage proposal.

book loving mom

This book gives you steps on how to make a dish and also shares the story of the woman who created each recipe making it a cookbook that you will want to read while you enjoy the dishes you create.

book loving mom

2. Beautifully Said by Quotabelle

I could spend an entire afternoon reading quotes. Beautifully Said is unique in that it is not only a book with inspiring, thought-provoking quotes, but it gives the reader a history of the woman who authored the featured quote. Just as the quotes are beautiful and well-picked, the book itself is pleasing to the eye and would be an excellent addition to a coffee table.

book loving mom

3. I Know a Woman by Kate Hodges

As you read each of the stories that focus on eighty-four women in history a connection is made between them and the next featured woman. It is an inspirational tale through the history of women that empowers other women to see the ways that our own stories are woven into the lives of others.

book loving mom

If you know a woman who loves history and how lives connect, then this book is a great gift idea.

book loving mom

4. Color With Me Mom by Jasmine Narayan

I am always looking for unique activities that I can enjoy with my little girl. This book is amazing! Each spread of pages is unique in that it allows for the mother and child to color in tandem using pages geared to their coloring abilities.

book loving mom

On one side there is a more detailed drawing to be colored in, and on the other side of the spread is a more simply drawn picture for the child to color. As if that isn’t enough to make you smile there are also conversation starters offered throughout the book to assist you in creating a conversation between mother and child.

book loving mom
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5. Handmade Spa by Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton

Handmade Spa offers over 40 all-natural recipes from a Mint Lip Scrub to a detox tea made with fresh mint and ginger. Not only do the authors provide some fantastic recipes, but they also dive into the history, science, and equipment needed, how to determine the pH, and storage of the products that the reader will create. This book would be a great gift, and it would also be a great resource to make gifts for the mothers in someone’s life.

book loving mom

6. Floral Weekly Planner Pad by Royal Horticultural Society

I have to admit that I am an “if I don’t see it I forget it” kinda gal. This planner is perfect to leave on a desk to plan out your week. As a professional organizer, I love the idea of a place where you can write down your goals for each day of the week and see them at all times. The floral design is beautiful and cheerful – a great addition to a home office or dresser.

book loving mom

Which book interests you the most?

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  1. These are lovely gift ideas and I know that I would enjoy each one of these books especially Cooking with Nonna. I am ready for some of that lasagna.

  2. These are great ideas, thank you so much for sharing! It can definitely be hard to shop for book lovers sometimes, thanks for the ideas!

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