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5 Ways to Achieve Efficiency and Smart Organization in Your Kitchen

Every room in one’s home has its purpose and importance. However, it’s true that one room we tend to avoid the most is precisely the kitchen. Now, you may think that cooking is just not for you, but the chances are that your kitchen is simply not organized properly. Due to the mess and clutter, people tend to feel pressured and stressed, which is one of the main reasons why kitchens can be so unfavorable. Still, a nicely organized and well-kept kitchen can become a perfect spot in your home – and not just for meal prep but family time as well. Therefore, take a look at the following tips since they can help you keep your kitchen neat, tidy and organized for the maximum efficiency.

1. The first step is decluttering

There’s no point in trying to organize your kitchen if you still have to deal with all the stuff that was making a mess before. In that respect, a thorough declutter is an absolute must for a fresh kitchen start. Clean out your drawers and cabinets. This especially goes for containers and cardboard packaging you’ve been holding onto for no good reason. However, you shouldn’t ignore the more challenging part of the declutter – pots and utensils. Obviously, if there’s something that you simply never use nor want to use, get rid of it. It’s only taking up the space you need for something that you’ll actually get plenty of use out of.


2. Utilize vertical space

Aside from your kitchen cabinets, it’s important that you make the most out of every inch you have in your kitchen. That said, utilizing your walls for hanging the utensils and/or installing floating shelves that will hold containers is a great way to organize this room properly. However, you have to be very tactical and analytical in the process. If you’re going to hang the utensils, only hang those that are on the large side and frequently used in the cooking process. When it comes to floating shelves and container storage, also pay attention to what you use and need the most. Getting transparent containers and mason jars is a great way to store spices, flour and other essentials in the kitchen.


3. Sort out perishables from non-perishables

It’s extremely important to create order in your kitchen. This means that you should know which area is designated for which part of the cooking, meal prep process as well as storage. Speaking of storage, it’s paramount that you separate your perishables and non-perishables. Obviously, perishable items go in a fridge/freezer while non-perishable ones will be reserved for the previously discussed shelves and cabinets. But, you also have to achieve some order, so make sure to label and organize everything in a specific system that works for you. Your freestanding Maytag freezer should be organized in the most efficient way possible for you personally. This also means that you should limit your grocery shopping to only those items you actually need.


4. Create extra space

So, what happens in case you simply don’t have enough space for all your kitchen essentials even after a thorough declutter? Worry not because there are some tricks that you can use to add storage to the smallest of kitchens. For starters, over-the-door racks and organizers can be a life-saver in this situation. And not only can you use them for your kitchen door, but inside the cabinet doors as well! Moreover, all your hanging surfaces such as cabinets and shelves can provide extra space with the back of their bottom surfaces. You can attach magnets to the surface and containers to hold them in place, and even attach the lids of mason jars to have your jars securely stored as they hang from the bottom of the cabinet/shelf.


5. Additional organization tricks

Declutter, individual storage and utilizing the space to the fullest are main factors to keeping the kitchen efficient. Still, there are some other things you can do to make the whole space even better. For starters, you can introduce labels to distinguish the items and drawers; be it by color or writing. Also, there’s the possibility to install LED strips as task lighting solution. The process is easy and quick. Moreover, creating a meal plan for the whole week (and even a month if you think you can pull it off) can be essential for proper storage and smart organization. As you know what recipes you’ll need for a specific period, you’ll also know what groceries you’ll have to by, where to store them, and what utensils you’ll be using.

Organizing your kitchen is not that difficult, but it’s proper planning that will help you maintain the order for long. This is partially a lifestyle change as well, so make sure that you are ready to make the most out of your kitchen space. And don’t be afraid to decorate it where possible for a warm, personal touch.

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5 Replies to “5 Ways to Achieve Efficiency and Smart Organization in Your Kitchen”

  1. Organizing my kitchen is something on my to do list. I know I have 2 or more of many kitchen tools and need to get rid of some so I can more easily find what I need.

  2. I love this! I love organizing and decluttering, it makes me feel so much better when I’m done. 🙂

  3. I totally need to declutter my kitchen. I have been utilizing my mason jars for flour, coffee, spices, etc. That has been a great space saver and a great way to keep them fresh.

  4. My kitchen really needs re-organizing…it’s a mess. I like the idea of going step-by-step to get it done.

  5. I could so use these tips. My New Years Resolution was t get organized. We live in a small apartment and space and organization seems to be limited at the moment.

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