How to Use Yoga to Improve Your Cycling (and the Other Way Around)

How to Use Yoga to Improve Your Cycling (and the Other Way Around)

Cycling is a repetitive motion sport, which means that we must take care of our bodies the same way we take care of our bikes. Nobody’s body is perfectly balanced, meaning there is always a difference between our right and left side, but our bike expects us to be just that – perfect. This is where yoga can be a powerful tool in “reshaping” our bodies and widening our range of motion.

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Anxiety and Stress Relief Techniques for the Holidays

Stress Relief for the Busiest Time of the Year

You do NOT have to be a yoga expert to benefit greatly from yoga. I have had friends post poses of them doing crazy awesome yoga positions. My friend, Sarah never ceases to amaze me with her strength and determination. She is one who I see posting amazing shots of all her yoga poses. THAT is NOT for me. Honestly, even if I was in great shape, I would have no desire for the poses some can do. I do think it is neat but just not for me. For me, yoga is completely different. 

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Quality Yoga Equipment Makes a Difference

Benefits to Having the Right Yoga Equipment

Written by Lauren

I guess Yoga can mean something different for everyone. I’d heard about it, wondered about it, but I never practiced Yoga up until a couple of years ago. I practice Yoga simply for the health and relaxation benefits! Having great Yoga equipment helps me relax even more! 

Yoga Equipment

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