How to Dress Kids for Winter

Winter Clothing: How to Dress Your Child for Winter Weather

Because of their much smaller size, winter clothing is especially important for children. Technically, the reason that your little ones are so susceptible to cold weather is that they have a lot of areas through which to lose heat when compared to their volume. Basically, this means that temperature which seems mildly cool to you can be rather cold to them; if you need a sweater to brave the elements, then they likely need a coat.

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Wet Winter Gloves Now Dry Easy

A Solution for Wet Winter Gloves 

Piles of wet clothes, hats, scarfs, winter gloves and jackets dumped at the front door, shoes covered in a slushie mess kicked nearby, and freezing little bodies running to climb under the blankets to warm up… does this sound familiar? If you are a parent living in areas that get snow at least once a winter, you feel my pain here. 

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