Whitening Teen’s Teeth Brings a Smile to Their Face (Giveaway Going on Now)

The Importance of Allowing Your Teen to Use a Teeth Whitening System

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How many times do we have to tell our kids… BRUSH. YOUR. TEETH?! Typically, this is a pretty common complaint among parents of children. It seems like a daily battle. They just don’t understand the reasoning behind why it is so important to brush twice a day. Thankfully, my teen now cares about his teeth. The yellow stained teeth needed a little work to help his complex. Smile Brilliant brought a smile back to his face. 

teeth whitening

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Pearly Whites Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips Giveaway

My Four and More’s Pearly Whites, Coconut Oil and Activated Charcoal Infused Teeth Whitening Strips Giveaway

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teeth whitening strips

Sponsored by: Pearly Whites Hosted by: My Four and More

Summer will be here before you know it,  a beautiful tan paired with white teeth look great! Now, enjoy a natural way of whitening your teeth with Pearly Whites Coconut and Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips! Enter below to win!

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Natural Teeth Whitening With Era Organics Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Natural Teeth Whitening

I am Amy, and I am a coffee drinker. Now, I don’t have to feel guilty drinking my morning coffee. I am not sure if you are the same way, but I always feel a little guilty because I know that coffee is the main culprit for my stained teeth. I want them white but I don’t want to give up my coffee or have to pay for expensive teeth whiteners. Most teeth whiteners are not only expensive but also harmful. Now, I don’t have to give up my coffee, pay out the big bucks, or put my mouth (and even body) through exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Natural Teeth Whitening

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