Oofos Women’s OOmg Low Shoe Giveaway $119.95 AVR Ends 12/31

Oofos Women’s OOmg Low Shoe Giveaway Ends 12/31

shoe giveaway

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Emeril Lagasse Women’s Quarter Slip on Mesh Shoes Giveaway Ends 12/28

shoes giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by: Emeril Lagasse Footwear and hosted by: Powered by Mom

Read Powered by Mom’s Review on these comfy Women’s Slip-On Quarter Mesh Shoes from Emeril’s Footwear HERE

I have heard great things about the Emeril Lagasse Women’s Quarter Slip on Mesh Shoes. Here is your chance to win a pair! Find out more about them and then enter the giveaway below. 

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FunkAway Nasty Shoe and Sports Equipment Odors

 Sports Equipment Odors GONE With FunkAway

Life is about to get REAL hectic in the Smith house. In the midst of all of the rush of the holidays, BOTH my boys are playing basketball this year. At two different places, at that! My oldest found out today that he made the JV Basketball Team at school and my youngest son is playing for Upwards this year. With the busyness, I SURE don’t have time to deal with nasty sports equipment odors! FunkAway will be saving time and stinky SMELLS from my home!

sports equipment odors

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Sole Provisions Vionic Torri High-Tops Bring Style to Your Outfit

Sole Provisions’ Vionic Torri High-Tops Give you Style and Class

Shoes, some people LOVE them, some people HATE them, and some people just wear them because “NO Shoes, NO shirt, NO SERVICE!” signs are practically everywhere, so you have to wear shoes!… It’s just how life is! For me, I’m somewhere in between. I really like shoes but I’ve always had feet issues and I have to be careful what kind or type of shoe I wear. Sole Provisions offers Vionic Torri High-Tops, they are super cute and oh so comfy!

Vionic Torri High-Tops Bring Style to Your Outfit

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Shoe Tying Shortcuts for Kids and Even Adults

Never Tie Again With Hickies Shoe Tying Shortcuts

Tying your shoes is so overrated! Just being honest, I get rather jealous of my daughters slip on tennis shoes. Not having shoelaces make for a quick slide on, slide off for sure! However, I am not four years old so I don’t think that elastic tounges/ no laces on my gym shoes would look up to par. Hickies though…. now THAT is a different story! 

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