How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Tips on Motivating Yourself to Work Out

The hardest part of anything in life, especially working out, is definitely starting. And this doesn’t refer to the first workout of the day, oh no. It refers to firstly deciding to work out, secondly setting your gym alarm, and finally packing your gym gear and stepping outside with that gym bag on your back, actually walking or driving straight to the gym and entering it. But sometimes even the best intensions simply cannot do the trick.

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How to Use Yoga to Improve Your Cycling (and the Other Way Around)

How to Use Yoga to Improve Your Cycling (and the Other Way Around)

Cycling is a repetitive motion sport, which means that we must take care of our bodies the same way we take care of our bikes. Nobody’s body is perfectly balanced, meaning there is always a difference between our right and left side, but our bike expects us to be just that – perfect. This is where yoga can be a powerful tool in “reshaping” our bodies and widening our range of motion.

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Perfect Earbuds for Winter Weather Work

 Perfect Earbuds for Winter Work

Winter has been in full force around our neck of the woods. Typically, we do not get very much snow (maybe 2 inches or so through the entire winter). This year, we have already had close to a foot of snow and we are only half way through winter! Crazy weather! For us, snow is FUN but it also means there is work to be done. Sometimes unexpected snow adds some random (and not so fun) jobs to be accomplished. Any task is more enjoyable with music through a set of perfect earbuds! 

Jaybird is a My Four and More Valentine Gift Idea Recommendation!

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Gym Perfect, Wireless Earbuds Revolutionize Your Workout

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

Amazing Sound Combined With State of the Art Technology

In today’s times going to the gym seemingly brings with it three necessities. A good pair of running shoes, a cold bottle of water, and a set of headphones to listen to your favorite tunes.

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