ZZZ Bears Provides a Sense of Security For a Good Night’s Sleep #Review

ZZZ Bears Add an Extra Level of Security for Your Child at Bedtime

Do you battle with your child being scared to death being in their room alone at night? My three-year-old is terrified of her room. She is terrified to the point that she will scream begging for us to come to sit on her floor. Even night lights don’t do the trick! ZZZ Bears has been a game-changer though!
ZZZ Bears

ZZZ Bears – It’s a Mental Thing

Children want to know that someone is around to protect them. Even though we are in the very next room, there is something about having someone IN the room while they sleep. I guess they feel like if a monster comes out, at least someone else would keep those scary monsters away. Having an extra set of eyes in the room helps comfort a child! ZZZ Bears

ZZZ Bears gives children a sense of security thinking that SGT Sleeptight will stay awake all night protecting them from all those scary monsters! IT WORKS!!! 

I can remember my oldest son when he was little would NOT eat hardly ANYTHING! We got his GiJoes and set them on the table in front of him at meals telling him they were watching and wanted to see that he was tough enough to eat even the green beans. Haha! (the creativity us parents have to use sometimes… but whatever works, right?!). He would scarf down every single thing on his plate. Were they REALLY watching him? NO… but in his MIND they WERE! Same with ZZZ Bears. 

ZZZ Bears

What You Get

When you purchase a ZZZ Bear, you get a door hanger that each night you hang on the doorknob which allows anyone and everyone to know that they better watch out because THAT room was protected by SGT Sleeptight! Also included is an oath card which states that the bear will stay up all night and all the child has to do is close their eyes and the bear will do the rest! 

ZZZ Bears

Neat concept, huh? If you are tired of sleepless nights, give ZZZ Bears a chance. It will help your child AND YOU get some much-needed rest!

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