Reclaiming Youthful Skin

Youthful Skin With NeoCell Derma Matrix and Glow Matrix

Are you concerned about the health of your skin? As we age, our bodies do not produce the amount of Collagen it once did. That is why it is imperative to take a quality Collagen supplement. Look no further, NeoCell has you covered. Besides, who doesn’t want to reverse the signs of aging and have youthful skin?

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About NeoCell

NeoCell is a company that was started in 1998 by Al Quadri. His goal when starting the company was to make products that allowed people to live longer and younger lives with energy and well-being. I was lucky enough to try two new products from their impressive product line: Derma Matrix and Glow Matrix.

Derma Matrix is part of NeoCell’s Platinum Matrix Collection. Derma Matrix features ingredients that are designed to nourish your skin. It promotes the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, increases hydration, and supports cell turnover and elasticity. I have had problems with my skin off and on for several years now. It is dry in some areas and oily in others. I have tried many products that were designed to balance and moisturize the skin, however, they just didn’t do the job of producing the results I was looking for. That was until I tried NeoCell’s Derma Matrix! 

The first thing I liked about it was that I could easily mix one scoop of the Derma Matrix in either a glass of water, juice, or even in a smoothie. I opted for mixing it in my morning smoothie. Although I did try it in a glass of water once and believe it or not, it wasn’t terrible! 😉 Within just a short time, I noticed my skin beginning to come to life again. It has more hydration than before and it is considerably softer. I also had a sore on the back of my leg (sorry, no pictures) that healed in remarkable time while taking this supplement. In addition, Derma Matrix contains Vitamin C, which is a vitamin I know my body needs and doesn’t seem to get enough of.

Glow Matrix is also part of NeoCell’s Platinum Matrix Collection. Glow Matrix is designed to help improve skin moisture and elasticity while reducing the signs of aging. It features healthy ingredients like pine bark extract and coconut water powder. After a few weeks I began to notice that my skin was tauter than it had been before. It was truly amazing to see the healthy glow even after 2 short weeks. I don’t look so tired and well, old! 

I usually delete pictures of myself as soon as I see them. But, I did find this one from fall of 2015 (with make-up on). I compared it to a picture I took last week (with no make-up) after taking Derma Matrix and Glow Matrix together for 2 weeks. You can see the changes, especially my neck! I am in my forties now and have always taken meticulous care of my face but have noticed that my neck and hands don’t seem to look quite as young. When I compared these 2 pictures today I was amazed!! 



NeoCell collage



Like the Derma Matrix, Glow Matrix also contains Vitamin C, along with Vitamins A, D3, E, K and B6.  With the Glow Matrix, you simply take three easy to swallow capsules each day. 



I have been a fan of NeoCell for several years now and I knew their products work wonders. It is exciting to see that they keep producing quality collagen supplements and skincare that improves overall health and well-being from the inside out. 



NeoCell products are available on their website and at retailers including Vitamin World, GNC, Whole Foods Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, Plum Market and Lucky Vitamin, just to name a few. You must try them for yourself. I would love to hear your results!


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