You Should Know These Six Tricks for Better Work Life Balance

You Should Know These Six Tricks for Better Work Life Balance

Many people believe that work is an essential means to live a happy life, generate wealth, and have a roof over their heads. However, while work is necessary for making incomes and profits, it is not the whole thing, and we should never treat it that way either.

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You don’t have to draw a definite boundary separating your personal life and work to obtain a happy balance among them. Balance isn’t about forming an impermeable wall between your professional and personal lives. It is all about discovering ways to combine and unite the two.

If you’re satisfied with working each hour that God gives to you, great for you. But if you are not happy, then here are some tips on how to give your life a lift along with your profession.

1. Give Your Life the First Preference

The most important part of keeping a steady work-life balance is to set your priorities both at the office and home. Everyone gets a fixed amount of hours in a day. So, why not figure out things that take the most of your time, energy and attention?

The very first thing you should do is recognize what especially matters to you. Is it money, play, health, or something else? You may come up with a list of desires, and then, all you need to do is set your priorities.

Remember, things might go wrong and affect the work if you don’t provide enough time to what truly matters to you.

2. Set Your Career Goals

To stay satisfied and happy at the workplace, you need to be forward-thinking. You must be equipped with a vision and goals for yourself.

It is almost impossible to stay confident and motivated without keeping a vision for the future or knowing what future holds for you. How many hours do you spend per week committed to your profession? Maybe 40 hours or more. Your confidence level will dramatically increase if you take a few hours from each week and use them to fix both short-term and long-term goals.

Your goals must be realistic, but they should also be challenging.

3. Time Management

Whether you are at the office or home, make sure that you use your time efficiently.
Don’t allow personal problems scatter over to the workplace. Also, store your work problems in the office only. Freelancers or remote workers who manage their work from home might find it difficult to draw a boundary between their individual and professional lives. However, these issues take the most of your time, reduce productivity, and even affect the health.

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Remember, time is the most precious commodity in your life, so always spend it wisely.

4. Put Off Perfectionism

There exists a perfectionist at every workplace. These so-called “perfectionist” people never worry about every little thing. They give 100% in what they do and always crave for perfect results.

This behavior might be assertive in some cases; however, it may also reduce the spirit of other co-workers in most cases.

It’s simpler to manage that perfectionist attitude as a child, but the life gets more complicated with the growing age, and the responsibilities build up.

Perfectionism just disappears and no longer exists in your day to day life. It is an unrealistic term that causes stress and affects the work quality too.

5. Check Your Emails Regularly

Specific tasks may appear small but can create a huge mess later. Emails can undoubtedly wrench your efficiency levels if you are not reviewing them promptly.
Take time to read emails and respond to them on time. You can consider checking Emails during breaks, lunchtime, or at a particular time each day.

You can also use some advanced features such as “schedule an Email” or “remind me later.”

better work life balance

6. Do Exercise & Get Enough Rest

The sleeping time of an individual who works eight hours a day should be seven hours on an average. The number of hours may vary from person to person, depending on the amount and type of work he/she does in the daytime.

Another essential habit that we (as humans) should adopt is exercise. It is an excellent yet natural stress reducer. It not just lifts your mood but also gives you an enormous amount of energy.

7. Take Some Time Out for Your Hobbies

You should take some time out to pursue your passion and hobbies. If you are in a relationship, go out for the long-drive, dinner. The only point here is to enjoy this world and its beauty.


You can keep a list of fun things that you want to explore and start ticking them off right from the current week.

To Sum-Up

Apply these six essential tips to own life and notice the positive changes they bring. Always keep in mind— if you want to see the better version of you, then you need to work on it. Let the home and work life go hand in hand because both are crucial in making you happy, satisfied, and healthy individual.

Author Bio:
James is a motivational speaker, child development consultant, and educational adviser at SmileTutor agency, a tuition agency based in Singapore. He is redefining the way people perceive their work and personal life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these fantastic tips. I know a lot of people struggle with work life balance.

  2. Being a mom of three I know its very difficult to live balance work and family life. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. They are so helpful.

  3. these are wonderful tips. very helpful to balance out life when it can get hectic

  4. These are all super useful tips and advice. I will remember 4. Put Off Perfectionism.

  5. Balance is hard to find sometimes in every aspect of life–these are great tips to remember.

  6. I really struggle with my work and my life. This was a great and informative article for me. So much to think about and try in my life

  7. Great post. I especially liked number 5. You don’t usually see that in these kinds of posts but I find it works great for me.

  8. Great list! Taking time for hobbies is the area that I struggle with the most. However, when I find that I make time for hobbies, I am happier and feel better which translates into other aspects of work/life.

  9. Always good to keep in mind ways to keep things in perspective and manage the day to day issues.

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