Yes, It REALLY is Thirty-One! Customizable Purse #thirtyone

Studio Thirty-One – The NEW Customizable Purse

Who doesn’t love Thirty-One? Ok, other than the guys. What women don’t love it?! Between the fun patterns, the monogramming, and the quality products, Thirty-One is hard to beat! To top it off, they now have a customizable purse! The Studio Thirty-One is about as customizable as it gets! Let me introduce you to the Studio Thirty-One.

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customizable purse

Customizable Purse Options

Body Style

First off, you get to choose between the Classic and the Modern body style. The classic is wider but shorter (more of a horizontal bag) and the modern style is deeper and not as wide (more vertical). Everyone has their preference but I prefer the Studio Thirty-One Classic considering my purses are not typically very organized. A deeper purse for me equates to a lot more digging to find what I need. 

customizable purse

Interchangeable Flaps

The Studio Thirty-One comes with your choice of a flap in a solid color or pattern. The flaps can be changed out quick and easy by simply zipping and unzipping to attach or detach the flaps! Currently, there are nine different flaps to choose from. If you can’t decide which flap you like best, pick a few and change them out as you get the urge for something different! 

customizable purse
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Need a crossbody style when you go to the mall with the kids but yet want a shoulder strap for date night? Studio Thirty-One allows you to switch straps without having to swap everything inside your purse from one purse to another. Aside from the choice of a crossbody strap versus a shoulder strap, you also can decide what color and/or pattern you want on the strap. Again, this gives more of a variety to change the look of the purse without having to buy a whole new purse for different looks and style!

customizable purse

Personalize It

If you haven’t noticed, monogramming is in style and sure doesn’t look to be going out of style anytime soon. Thirty-One gives you a choice of MANY letters styles and icons as well as what color thread you prefer! The possibilities are virtually endless. When it comes to a customizable purse, add some personalization to it… you chose everything else so why not choose to add the finishing touch with a creative monogram!

customizable purse

All About the Benjamins

When I say this is a spacious wallet, I am not even kidding. I have everything I need in it without having to cram my cards and money in places they don’t belong. I am bad about stretching out my card holders in my wallets because I try to put too much in the space given. All About the Benjamins wallet has more than enough room! 

Made of luxe pebble faux leather, this billfold features 12 credit card slots, two bill slots and a clear ID window, plus an interior zipper pocket and an open compartment. The entire wallet has a zip closure to keep all contents secure and hidden.

customizable purse

I love how I can put this wallet inside my Studio Thirty-One purse. If I just have to run into the grocery store for a few things, I can leave my Studio Thirty-One at home or in the car and only bring in the All About the Benjamins Wallet and still have everything I need! I have a wristlet strap attached to it so that I can carry it hands-free. 

The Studio Thirty-One gives you options. A LOT of options. Mix it up and make a completely different look each time you wear it! Grab an All About the Benjamins to coordinate for times that you just need the essentials.

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23 thoughts on “Yes, It REALLY is Thirty-One! Customizable Purse #thirtyone

  1. I love the idea of an interchangeable flap on this purse! I would love to switch bags more often, but it is a pain to move everything from one bag to another. This would eliminate the work and looks so cute!

  2. I love the Benjamin wallet. I especially like that it has a lot of slots for credit cards.

  3. Being able to really get a purse that is personalized with the features one wants is so neat and I like how roomy the wallet is.

  4. I thought I really liked the light blue one but now I think I love them both! they are so classy and stylish and would dress up any outfit. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. I really like that you can change the flap and strap and have a whole different look. I have been carrying the same purse for way too long because I like the shape. It is boring though.

  6. So cool and trendy. I love that you can switch out straps. This is a beautiful product as well as functional.

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