Winter Car Emergency Kit Essentials

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Breaking down in your vehicle is not a good thing any time of year, but things become so much worse when it’s wintertime. There are some essential items that you should always have in your car during the winter months.


You may think that carrying your winter car emergency kit in the trunk of car is the most logical place. However, if you are in an auto accident that damages the back of the car or if the back of your vehicle is buried in snow, you may not be able to get to the trunk. Instead of the trunk, you may want to consider storing your emergency kit under the passenger’s seat.


  • Cell phone and cell phone charger – You should always have your cell phone with you since this will be your lifeline if you get stranded. Cold weather is known for zapping car batteries in a hurry. Because of this, you want to have other options available for charging your cell phone should you need to. These options include chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter of the car.
  • Blankets – If your car breaks down in the midst of winter, you will have no heat. So you will need to have a wool or wool-blend blanket on hand.
  • Shovel – A small shovel can come in handy if you live in a snowy climate. There may be times you break down during a snow storm and shoveling your way out may be your only option.
  • Extra clothing – Having extra clothing such as boots, hats, mittens and jackets may be the only way you stay warm if you have a breakdown in your car or are stranded.
  • Flashlight – You will need a flashlight handy in case you need to do repairs on your car or you need to change a tire.
  • Road flares – Road flares are essential if you are stranded and you want to attract the attention of passing motorists.
  • Tools – If you need to make small car repairs or some good Samaritan stops to help, you are going to need some basic tools on hand such as a sharp knife, pliers, electrical tape, screwdrivers, hammer, duct tape and wrenches.
  • Food and water – Food and water are essentials to have in your emergency kit. You need to be able to stay hydrated so bottled water should be a must-have item. It also wouldn’t hurt to have non-perishable food items with you.

Being prepared can make all the difference. Stay Safe!

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  1. I definitely think it is a good idea to keep a flashlight and I will be putting a blanket in my car too. Great ideas!

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