Why Pregnancy Announcements Should NEVER Be an April Fools Joke

April Fools Day. A day that (next to Mother’s Day) is one of the most dreaded days by those dealing with infertility. To those of us who have longed for the day to see that line on a pregnancy test, pregnancy is NO JOKE! 

April FoolsYou see, we dream of the day that we can come up with some fun way of telling all our family and friends we are expecting. We watch as videos are posted from gender reveal parties and wonder if that will ever be us. 

For us, hearing other women complain about morning sickness and their baby kicking them in their ribs is upsetting when we would give ANYTHING to feel that baby kick within us. We would gladly take the pain and suffering that comes with pregnancy and birth. We dream of it being “TIME” and seeing and holding our precious baby for the very first time. 

It is heartbreaking enough to see pregnancy announcements, attend baby showers, see the weekly progress reports or baby doctor updates posted all over social media, watch excited parents as they find out if they are having a boy or a girl, and even seeing a pregnant woman or a new mom carrying a baby. 

April Fools

Dreaming of pink and blue while an empty crib and monthly pregnancy tests in the trash are all we can see…. “pregnancy” hurts. It isn’t a choice we make, it is part of the life we were given.  

April Fools

While we ARE excited for you that really ARE pregnant, emotions still run high longing for that day to happen for us. Seeing someone joking about being pregnant, that just adds to the pain. A punch in the gut! Since it is NOT real, we aren’t happy for you and we don’t think it is funny. It is heartbreaking. Pregnancy is NOT a joke. It is something so many people crave.

Please, think twice about what it might do to that woman who has just thrown yet another negative pregnancy test in the trash can… it might just be the thing that throws her over into an emotional breakdown! 

1 thought on “Why Pregnancy Announcements Should NEVER Be an April Fools Joke

  1. I don’t feel like people fully realize how much it hurts when they post “April Fool’s” pregnancy announcements. I’d say they’re doing it as a joke and not to hurt anyone. But, I totally get where you’re coming from and hopefully people will be sensitive to it.

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