Why Hire Pros for Air Conditioner Fixes and Repairs in Saint Petersburg Florida

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, and you’re reading a book on a comfortable sofa at your home in the Saint Petersburg, Florida. It’s the dog days outside, but the temperature in your living room is 22 degrees. Suddenly, you hear some suspicious sounds from the air conditioner or smell an unpleasant odor. Or, worst of all, feel that the cold air is no longer circulating. Things like this can ruin your day, mostly if they happen at an inconvenient time.

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If you’ve had that ‘luck’ that your AC unit breaks down out of working hours, you suppose it’s impossible to find an AC repairer then. Or you may think it’s a minor fault that you can solve yourself in case of an emergency. These are the main reasons why people believe DIY air conditioner repair is a good idea.

In principle, it can be. If it’s a dirty filter or a worn-out battery in the thermostat, you don’t need a professional for such things. However, keep in mind that often some minor issues can indicate much bigger problems. Then DIY repairs are not recommended because, besides making an even bigger problem, you can endanger yourself and your family.  Contacting a company like R.E. Long Services for them to send a professional AC repair technician to check things out is a smart move.

If you still haven’t found a reputable AC technician, here’s how to do it: https://www.self-inspiration.com/home-decor/5-tips-for-hiring-an-air-conditioning-maintenance-company/ 

Knowledge and Equipment 

Regardless of your experience in DIY home repairs, there is always someone who does it better than you. These are professionals trained to work with specific cooling units and use particular tools and protective equipment. Their years of training and internship are far above your handyman skills and anything you learned from DIY tutorials.

Professional AC technicians in Saint Petersburg know your air conditioner better than you do. The wide array of experiences they have gained over the years working with various AC devices has made their job routine. They use the knowledge they have in the best possible way by putting your unit back to work in the shortest possible time.

If you hire device installation technicians, they know how to do that quickly and efficiently. Proper installation will provide the best cooling unit performance. If you do this yourself, you may make a bad connection or any mishap. That may reduce the AC device’s efficiency while increasing the monthly electricity bill.

When it comes to working equipment, this is another field where professionals win over DIY-ers. In order to do their job the best they can, AC technicians use professional tools and other equipment that ease their work. Air conditioners of individual brands require installation using specialized tools. That can only be done by AC experts specialized in that brand. The basic amateur tools you have at home won’t be of much help.

Diagnosing the Problem

Although they have a routine in their work, AC technicians from Gulf Coast Heating & AC of St. Petersburg approach each problem individually. They’ve probably encountered various situations and failures during their years of work. If they have seen a fault like yours many times, they will know what the problem is. Sometimes, you just have to describe the ‘symptoms’ to them.

Self-diagnosis of AC’s malfunctions is not a good idea. First, because you don’t know your air conditioner. Second, many different failures can have similar symptoms. For example, a water leak can signify that the condensate tank is full. It can also mean that your appliance is out of the refrigerant.

Professional AC repairers operating in the state of Florida don’t guess. They know what it takes to establish an accurate diagnosis without damaging the device. These experts usually have various measuring gadgets that show refrigerant levels or voltages in the unit. By using them, AC technicians can discover the problem without opening the air conditioner.

Safety Is Paramount

Safety is the main concern during every DIY repair in your house. You need to take this into account, mostly if you are dealing with electricity or gases, as in fixing air conditioners. Since you don’t have the appropriate protective equipment, you can’t respect the safety procedures necessary for the repair of AC devices. These are the reasons why entrust this job to professionals.

As part of the training, AC technicians learn about safety procedures and standards that must be followed during work. In this way, they protect themselves, their clients, and their property. 

Besides, licensed AC repairers are insured. In the event of an accident on your property, they are covered. You aren’t, as your policy doesn’t always include compensation for injuries that occur during DIY work. Check this source to find out the most common DIY mistakes that can cancel your insurance.

Warranty Requirement

An excellent reason why it’s better to hire a professional repairer than to solve AC’s problem on your own is a guarantee. If your appliance is still under warranty, you are entitled to service, replacement, or repair from a manufacturer. These conditions may vary, depending on the product brand.

But to be entitled at all, you need to know how to maintain an AC device. Repairs and regular servicing should only be performed by a licensed technician or company. They will handle the unit delicately in order not to cause any damage to it. If anything happens due to their fault or negligence, you can ask them to come again and fix whatever is necessary. That can save some money in your pocket. 

DIY repairs can be costly, as you have to pay for anything you do. In the long run, savings are possible if you hire a professional from start. But if you call AC technicians after you’ve been messing around with your AC unit but didn’t fix it, be ready to pay more.

Below, see how to know whether your air conditioner is under warranty:


For good air quality in your home, not only a quality air conditioner is necessary. Doing DIY projects on an expensive electrical appliance is not always a good idea. This type of device should be repaired and maintained by professionals to keep its performance at a high level.

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