Why and How to Provide Collagen for Your Body

Provide Collagen – Your Body Needs It 

We all want our hair, skin, and nails to look good. Using product to cover up the flaws doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Collagen is a key player in making sure that INTERNALLY your body is producing healthy looking hair, skin, and nails. Although, that is not ALL collagen is good for. 

Provide collagen

Why Should My Collagen Levels Matter to ME?

Collagen is not only to hep your outer appearance but it also is what gives structure to our bones, ligaments, and tendons. Without collagen, we would have an awful hard time moving, stretching and bending. 

Provide collagen

Collagen makes up nearly 70% of the protein in our skin! So, if you are having a hard time keeping your skin looking toned (a nice word for wrinkles)… YOU NEED MORE COLLAGEN!

What Slows Down Collagen Production?

Age. Of course, age would slow it down. It seems like everything slows down with age. Did you know that stress is also a HUGE factor. I may be in my 30’s but there it is for me… STRESS. I know I have less collagen with the stress I put on myself! 

Provide collagen

The Good News!

Even though the body can slow down with producing collagen, there is a solution! A balanced diet and supplements can help our bodies regenerate the collagen we lost! 


The tasteless powder, NeoCell’s Super Collagen, can be easily mixed in any beverage. I choose to put mine inside my coffee since I KNOW I will have my coffee fix in the mornings! Why not start the day with both energy AND collagen!

Provide collagen

  • Minimizes lines and wrinkles
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Supports bones and connective tissues
  • Strengthens the hair and nails
  • Helps create lean muscle


The Beauty Infusion can be mixed with just plain water or even in smoothies for a refreshing taste all while it refreshes your insides too! Helping produce healthier hair, skin, and nails, Beauty Infusion is infused with collagen and essential beauty nutrients!

Provide collagen

NeoCell Beauty Bursts

I love these. They taste like little pieces of candy. The individual wrapping making it easy to take on the go or even store inside your purse for those days that are more rushed than others. Beauty Bursts contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. All ingredients work together to give you strong and hydrated skin, nails, and hair.

Provide collagen

So, increase your collagen levels and start seeing your healthy, shiny hair, glowing skin, strong nails come back (and less of those nasty little things called wrinkles!). PLUS, start to move more easily, too!

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