What You Can Do to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Now

What You Can Do to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Now

Summer brings hot temperatures, thunderstorms, and bugs around your home. In order to be prepared for the change of season, you need to do some preventative maintenance to your home. This article will provide some ways to make sure your home is ready for everything the summer season brings. 

Home Ready for Summer

Watch for Leaks

Your windows and doors are probably the culprits when it comes to heat escaping your home, so give them a thorough once-over before the summer weather arrives. Check around doors and windows for gaps in the weather stripping, especially around the bottom parts of your doors. Window screens can be torn or damaged as well, so take a look at those as well. 

Improve Airflow

You might not think that your home has bad airflow, but it might have some problems. If you find that a room feels hot and stuffy even when the windows are open, it’s probably because the walls are blocking the flow of air through your home. To change this, find ways to get rid of stuff blocking the air paths, and tuck away tablecloths, curtains, and other hanging items in order to give air more room to flow.

Get Insulation

Along those same lines, you want to make sure that the insulation in your home is doing its job at keeping heat out of your house, too. Inspect your attic and try figuring out where materials are blocking the air from coming in. Look for loose insulation and make sure there’s nothing more than an inch between the outer surface and the bottom inside of your walls.

Check the Foundation

You likely wouldn’t want to ignore this step, but you want to be extra sure that there aren’t any leaks from the foundation of your home. Look for air leaks, cracks in the foundation, and anywhere else where water might be finding its way into your home. Also check around your house for areas where water might be entering through an improperly installed plumbing fixture, broken toilets, leaky faucets, etc. are all common sources of water damage.

Get a Good Air Conditioning Unit

No one likes to be hot, and even when you’re trying to stay cool with fans and drinking plenty of water, it can be hard to keep a room cool during the height of summer. That’s why investing in a good air conditioning unit can help ensure that you stay cool no matter what temperature it is outside. There are plenty of different types and models to choose from, so make sure that you do your research before making a purchase decision. Talk to an HVAC contractor to choose the right type of air conditioner for your home. 

Start Painting or Repainting

Painting your home‘s exterior can be a great way to keep it cooler and protect it from heat damage. Make sure that you’re thinking of your home’s overall design and layout, though you want to make sure that you aren’t painting over the AC unit or covering up windows and doorways.

Do Some Landscaping

Although landscaping isn’t necessary for the function of your home, it can make a big difference. It can boost your mood to see some beautiful flowers and greenery outside of your window. Consider adding some native plants around your yard for low-maintenance landscaping. You can even consider xeriscaping if you want to reduce your water usage. 

There are many ways to improve your home during the summer season. Use some of the tips above before the hot temperatures begin and enjoy your summer.

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