What to Do When in Mallorca?

What to Do When in Mallorca?

The deep blue Mediterranean Sea is dotted with islands that are rich in culture, history and an absolutely perfect getaway for folks in the USA and the UK. And with spring almost here, beaches offer the perfect way to relax before you gear up for the approaching hot summers. The Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, Spain, has been a major tourist attraction since the 1950s.


With a history that dates back to the Neolithic period, Mallorca has always been on the maps of the seafarers. The island has been ruled by Romans, Muslims, North African, French rulers and was even under Dictatorship before democracy prevailed. Each ruling empire added a new dimension to the art and architecture of the region, turning it into a rich cultural amalgamation that is visible today.

When to Visit?

The Mediterranean climate at the island makes it very arid in summers and the winters are mild and wet. This makes spring i.e. March to May as the best time to visit. Although the beaches are open round the year and depending on your liking for crowd and season, you can choose to visit it anytime.

The fastest way to reach Mallorca is through airways at the Palma International Airport, the third-largest in Spain. Once you reach the island, the best way to explore it is by availing Spain Car Rental – Mallorca. This will ensure that you enjoy the amazing landscape that the island offers.

Sun and Sand

If you thought it’s all about the beaches, be ready to be surprised by two mountainous regions. The Serra de Tramuntana and Serres de Llevant offer cliffs and ridges that make the ride through the island ever more exciting. There are several caves above as well as below the sea that are open for tourists. There’s also an underground lake and a few small islands off the coast. The landscape is ideal for trekking, hiking, or just casual strolls.

They Fell in Love with Nature

Mallorca has played host to several famous personalities of which a few decide to stay there for a lifetime. Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria known as the architect of tourism in Balearic island visited the island in 1867 and settled down. He studied the culture and penned a collection of books.

The Polish music wizard Chopin came to the island to avail health benefits. Though there was no substantial change in his health condition, he did enrich the field of music by producing the Preludes, Op 28, Ballade No. 2, and more. 

Other famous personalities who visited the island and went back with work based on their experience there include Agatha Christie, Amantine Dupin, Jorge Luis Borge, and Robert Graves.

What to See?

Now, you don’t have to be someone famous to enjoy the amazing culture, food, and music that are on offer. 

All you need is a few days at hand and a car at your disposal. It is easily available on rent like through Spania Leiebil – Mallorca on the island. The island’s capital, Palma is home to architectural wonders with historic values like the Palma Cathedral, the Bellver Castle, and more. One can enjoy a plethora of outdoor pursuits like cycling, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, not to forget, the watersports.

Be ready to be wowed by world-class art galleries and castles. Come face-to-face with history at museums hosting remains of ancient Bronze Age settlements or through exploration at caves and natural parks. 

Among the most famous sights is the cathedral in Palma, a gorgeous Gothic building that overlooks the sea. The Serra de Tramuntana is a national park that runs along the island’s west coast. You can also visit the vineyards that dot the town of Binissalem, in the central region.


What to attend?

Since tourism forms a large part of the economy, a number of events are organized on public and private levels to attract tourists. You can attend agricultural fairs in the spring and autumn, dance to the tunes of live music and DJs in the summer, be a part of religious fiestas and international sporting events.

Some popular events are the Day of the Balearic Islands in March, the Mallorca 312 cycling race in April, the Semana Senta in March and April, the Pollenca Wine Fair in May, Dijous Bo in November, Noche Buena in December, and more.

Sailing is a huge activity and event in Mallorca making it one of the hotspots in the world. The coastline is dotted with sailboats and companies offering a sailing experience complete with three-course meals, wine, music, and snorkeling in the sea. Catch more sailing action during the Princess Sofia Trophy during March and April or the Copa del Rey sailing regatta in July.

Staying Put

As mentioned, tourism is a huge industry here, so there’s no dearth of accommodation if you choose to visit. Right from villas to economy hotels, you can get what you want depending on your budget. While villas give you an expensive and rich feel during your holidays, you may opt for rental homes for a homely and familial experience. If hotels are a regular affair for you, try booking a Weekly charter and live off a boat for an entire week sailing through the Mediterranean.

Que aprofiti (Enjoy your Meal)

Agriculture comes next to tourism in the economic ladder and has been the mainstay of livelihood. The food culture is a mix of traditional and global owing to the influx of tourists and immigrants in Mallorca. A wide variety of cafes don the streets and serve meals from early morning to late night.

A traditional Mallorcan breakfast would comprise of an ensaïmada, a spiral-shaped pastry, or ‘pa amb oli’, a slice of bread with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt. Lunch is a serious affair with restaurants offering a wide range of three-course meals and drinks. Dinners are usually late and usually accompanied by a complimentary treat, of local liquor, along with the bill.

The Party comes Alive at Night

For those who own the night, head towards lively bars and nightclubs to end the day on an eclectic note. You can choose a traditional bar and have fun with yacht crews or opt for international-style bars. The novel-styled bars offer great music, innovative drink mixes and are buzzing with tourists and expats.

Overall, Mallorca offers a fun-filled and eventful holiday for lonely souls, couples on honeymoon, friends, and families. The cities are bursting with activity and events. All you need to do is find what you would like to do. Or better, try them all!

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