What to Consider With Your Next Vehicle Purchase

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Tips for Your Next Vehicle Purchase

When looking at major purchases the average American will make, next to purchasing a home, buying the vehicle of their dream will be the next biggest purchase in their life. With so many choices and options available, a little time spent considering what your specific needs are and researching what best fits your needs can go a long way in helping you find the perfect vehicle along with avoiding buyers remorse down the road.

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A Few Things to Consider

How Will This Vehicle be Used?

My husband being a big car guy, the faster the better. However, that shiny new coupe, though it looks amazing, may not be the best choice for us while hauling around three kids with one in a car seat and all of their “accessories”.

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Before going to a dealership, identify what your needs are and be careful not to be persuaded into a vehicle that may not meet your specific needs.

New Versus Used

The conventional wisdom and truth of the matter is, as soon as a new car is signed for and drove off the lot, it immediately loses value. Often THOUSANDS of dollars, GONE. While everyone loves that new car smell, for the budget conscious buyer, the money saved in finding a low mileage, used vehicle can often save you thousands of dollars. It is worth mentioning that with the recent flooding across the country, used car prices are expected to rise. Also, be aware of flooded vehicles. Ask for a Carfax. It will give you all the information you need to know about the vehicle and its history.

What to do with your current vehicle?

While it is true, in most cases you would get a little more for your vehicle if you sold it to a private party yourself, it can also become a hassle. Are you ready to have appointments canceled, be haggled over price, spend more money having it advertised and detailed if needed? Many times the few hundred dollars that you may gain from selling it, will be worth giving in to trade it in on your new vehicle. Do your research, be honest about the condition of your vehicle and know what a fair trade in price for your vehicle really is.

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Before going to the dealership, know what you are looking for. Every salesman is there to promote, advertise and sell their OWN product or brand. This is why cars.com becomes such a valuable tool. It will allow you to research different models, view inventory, and compare specs so that you can see a non-biased opinion before anyone can persuade you with a more slanted view.

With these few steps before your next purchase your dreams can come true with ease while getting a great deal in the process!

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7 thoughts on “What to Consider With Your Next Vehicle Purchase

  1. This is such a big investment for people today. Prices are so high and difficult to afford. This is such great information on what to think about Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  2. I have never owned new. The clossest I have come is I took over payments on my Moms car when she could no longer drive. Ours have all been used.

  3. There sure are a lot of considerations when buying or selling a car. Good suggestions for things to consider prior to beginning the process..

  4. These are some pretty awesome tips. I recently bought a new car! I considered all of these things before making my purchase. I even watched my vehicle online for some time before going in!

  5. These are great tips! I drive a 2009 Honda and I am trying to decide it it is time to get a new vehicle or drive it into the ground. We are nearing 100,000 miles so I need to decide soon. Thanks for the tips!

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