What Are the Various Techniques of Tree Stump Removal?

What Are the Various Techniques of Tree Stump Removal?

Tree stump removal is not impossible if you want to do-it-yourself. The task is a bit difficult but with proper guidelines you can remove the stump easily. Using the wrong stump removal tools will make the task impossible and dangerous. You may harm yourself or others in the process. Only when you are sure of eliminating the stumps, you must proceed with the work.

Tree stump removal

When compared to chopping the trees or cutting them, stump removal is more difficult. In fact, the stump of the tree is the hardest and the toughest to remove. Unlike cutting the trees, removal of stump involves certain set of techniques that need to be implemented. The process is time consuming and can be simplified only when you know the ways and techniques. Landowners wish to remove the stumps from their landscape area simply because they do no good and occupy the space. One cannot install or construct any structure if there are stumps around the land. They act as major obstructions during construction or plantation. For many, tree stumps are just eye sores that need to be eliminated from the site. The worst part is that the stump of the tree may also cause major injuries as they may be hidden amid the dense vegetation. It will be great if you call a professional for tree stump removal but here you will find some outstanding techniques to stump removal.

Remove the stump simply by hand

Well, the process of stump removal by hand is difficult, time consuming and a lot tiring. But, with proper tools and accessories you may easily eradicate the stump from your site. You must begin with the section where the stump is rotting. Use a sharp chainsaw or a digging bar to get through the stump. You may use an axe or pick the mattock to bring down the stump. To sum up, you will need the tools like digging bar, the chainsaw, an axe, pick mattock and a vehicle. The entire effort will go in vain if you use the wrong kind of tools. Moreover, it is hazardous to use wrong tools for stump removal. Without the tools, you cannot eliminate the roots that tend to spread. Use the axe to cut the roots that show up. You may also use a digging bar or a pick mattock to pry the roots. When you remove or cut the roots, it will get easier to remove the stump. The stump will not be bounded to the soil anymore.

Tree stump removal

The process of grinding the stumps

If you are an amateur, you must never try your hands on grinding the stump. You need proper tools to carry out grinding. Well, it is better to hire a professional than to bear the cost of renting the tools. The process of grinding is similar to removing the stump by hands. Here also you need to cut the roots, clear the stones and other obstacles. Use a chainsaw device to chop the stump and to simplify the process of grinding. It is difficult for any amateur to use the grinder. You may choose a professional for tree grinding. The cost is very reasonable and might come around to $150-$200.

Tree stump removal

Burn the tree stumps

This process of tree stump removal is not an easy task, if you have no access to grinders. You may simply burn the stump. You have to dig holes in the stump and then fill those up with potassium nitrate. Pour some water to help dissolve the chemical into the water. Ignite the top region of the stump.

Tree stump removal is not that easy as it seems. Always take professional help for stump removal service.

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