Wet Winter Gloves Now Dry Easy

A Solution for Wet Winter Gloves 

Piles of wet clothes, hats, scarfs, winter gloves and jackets dumped at the front door, shoes covered in a slushie mess kicked nearby, and freezing little bodies running to climb under the blankets to warm up… does this sound familiar? If you are a parent living in areas that get snow at least once a winter, you feel my pain here. 

Winter Gloves

Growing up in Chicago, we had plenty of time to play in the snow. Every. Single. Year. When I was twelve, I moved to North Carolina. WOW! What a climate change! Snow in North Carolina comes a little fewer and far between. Typically each year we have at least one chance to be out playing in the snow but sometimes several times. Of course, since we don’t get the chance as often, we soak up every bit of it that we can. 

Winter weather will be here before you know it. Before it gets here, make sure you are ready. Especially if you have kids, don’t wait until last minute to get all set for this winter. 

Winter Gloves

Check out this neat Green Glove Dryer! It saves your floors from having wet gloves laying on the floor, it saves energy by using the heat that is already blowing within your home to dry yours and your children’s gloves quickly and efficiently. It is also super easy to assemble!

Winter Gloves

The Green Glove Floor Dryer

Save money by using the already running heater to dry your gloves… and NO Extra electricity! Its unique system sits on top of the heater vent. The gloves slide over the nozzles which allow the air to blow inside the glove, drying it from the inside out. 

Winter Gloves

You can also dry up to six boots, shoes, and hats with the Green Glove Dryer. The travel bag makes it easy to store while not in use. It is also simple to bring with you to the ski lodge.

Winter Gloves

The Green Glove Wall Dryer

Using the same technology as the floor dryer, the wall dryer attaches directly to the wall for those who have wall vents.  

No Risk

The Green Glove Dryer has been tested for fire and flammability. It was AClass approved. 

100% Polypropylene Plastic – BPA FREE – phthalate free

Winter Gloves

My Thoughts

I love how we can throw the gloves on the Green Glove Dryer and have dry gloves but probably even more than using it for gloves, putting wet shoes on the dryer is great! My boys tend to get their shoes wet way too often. Throwing the shoes in the dryer makes the rubber soles weak and detach from the shoe. Putting them on the dryer allows the shoes to dry without getting mildewed on the inside. This minimizes the stinky shoe smell!

Winter Gloves

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