Ways to Make Motherhood More Fun and Satisfying

Motherhood is often straining, tiring but also joyous and fulfilling. However, when you add all the chores and pressure to the mix, the whole experience can become more frustrating than enjoyable. But with some helpful tips, it’s entirely possible to enjoy motherhood. So if you’re thinking about making the entire journey more uplifting, then here are some tips and ideas that will help you make motherhood more fun and satisfying.

make motherhood more fun

Don’t compare yourself to other moms

A lot of mothers tend to compare themselves with other moms, especially within their own social group. This is extremely common in the early stages of motherhood. And even though comparison doesn’t have to be inherently bad, it can also take away the joy from the experience. Simply, every mother experiences things differently, and that also shapes her reality and understanding of motherhood and her purpose. So feel free to look for advice, but never doubt yourself because someone else is doing things differently from you.

Keep things as organized as possible

Being organized is crucial regardless of your kids’ age. If you have school-aged children, then feel free to organize your routine around their day. That means driving them to school, preparing meals, shopping for groceries and picking them up. If you’re employed, then be sure to do your work without sacrificing your family life. A work-life balance is of huge importance, as it contributes to a happier life. 

Make things fun anytime that’s possible

If you have enough time and patience, then turning regular activities into something fun is a great way to enjoy motherhood more. For example, playing music and dancing with your toddler is a handy way to make them a little bit tired and ready for bed. Plus, dancing is great stress relief, and can also help you feel better after a long day. The same goes for other mundane activities such as walking to school, grocery shopping and hair washing. If you find ways to make them fun and entertaining, the kids will enjoy them more, and you’ll find everything easier to manage. 

Use technology to your advantage

Technology has been ruling our lives for quite some time. Nowadays, downloading an app is considered the norm, every time you want to try something new. And if you’re looking to conceive, then using relevant apps to talk to other moms and swap tips on how to get pregnant can be of great help. A lot of online spades dedicated to mothers tend to be full of shaming and judging posts, which is why you should use apps that offer carefully curated content for both moms and those who want to be moms one day. Using technology to learn about parenting techniques and tips, or to keep yourself organized is a great way to make the whole journey much easier and more interesting. 

Accept there will be bumps on the road

Motherhood is always full of both external and internal challenges, so if you want to enjoy it, then it’s essential to accept that. This can be extremely stressful if you’re a new mom who’s learning the ropes. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to become passive, but rather than obsessing over every inconvenience, it’s better to look for the appropriate solution when the situation requires you to do so. Kids can be messy, stubborn and, yes, uncooperative at times, so be sure to manage that in a kind and gentle manner, without beating yourself up too much.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Asking for help doesn’t mean you are incapable or lazy. There comes a time when you’re required to ask others to give you a hand, and that’s fine. Whether that’s your mother-in-law babysitting, or your spouse doing the laundry, it doesn’t matter, as long as you feel empowered to ask others for help. If you’ve been conditioned to believe that’s wrong, then make sure to unlearn this, so you’ll be able to enjoy motherhood to the fullest. We all need help sometimes, and by getting it, we’re also making sure that we grow and learn in the process.

Allow yourself some time off

Sure, taking care of your kids is great and fulfilling, but every mom needs some time for herself. Simply, you deserve to relax for a bit and do something you love that doesn’t necessarily involve kids. That can be reading, watching some TV, exercising, or going for a beauty appointment. Additionally, you can also meet your friends and enjoy some time off without worrying about the kids. 


Being a mom can be equally stressful and uplifting, so being adequately prepared and organized can be of great help. These tips will show you how to make that happen. Download motherhood-related apps, have some time for yourself and accept the help that gets offered to you. Also, remember that asking for help is also important as it lets you relax and enjoy the experience more. 

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