Ways to Keep Up With Your Child’s Education Over the Summer Break

As a parent, it is up to you to prepare your child as well as you can for the real world. This includes both providing and keeping up with your child’s education. Education doesn’t begin or end at the classroom door, it can continue in your child’s day-to-day life and everything they do. This is why it is both important and possible to make sure your child is continuing to learn during their summer vacation, as children who don’t inevitably lose some of what they learned during their school year over the summer. This means they can easily fall behind their classmates in the new year. Below are some ways that you can help your child retain what they learned in school and progress in their education this summer.

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Reading Schedules and Routines

A great and easy idea you can try is to visit the local library every two weeks. During that time, allow your child to pick out various books on interesting topics. If the school offers a suggested reading list for the summer, you can even suggest titles to your child to help provide variety. You can also take trips to the local bookstore in order to find unique titles as well or to find titles that you’re child loves and wants to own. Reading does wonders for the brain, memory, and cognitive skills. Whether it’s for 30 minutes or an hour, be sure your child reads daily.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are incredibly beneficial for social development. However, they can also be beneficial for educational development if you choose the right summer camp. Depending on where your child’s passions and talents lie, you can find a summer camp uniquely geared towards them. For example, if your child has shown an interest in dance, theater, or visual arts, you might think about enrolling them in a summer camp that focuses on the arts. Science, math, and technology show no signs of slowing down as booming industries, and if your child is particularly inclined towards these subjects it’s never a bad idea to encourage their continued growth and interest. STEM summer camps provide enriching experiences to nurture your child’s ability to solve problems, be curious, and explore.


It’s easy to find workbooks in big box stores or online retailers. Look for workbooks for the grade they’re entering next. Even if they work on a few pages each day, workbooks help to keep your child engaged and away from watching television all day. When they head to the next grade level in the fall, they won’t feel like they’re making a major adjustment.

Field Trips

When your child is home for summer break, you get to decide on the full curriculum. Your ideas for helping in your child’s education might involve anything from visits to the library to workbooks to summer camp. You might also consider taking your child out to gain experiences such as visiting a museum, aquarium, or zoo. This can provide a hands-on, real-world experience that shows off what the world has to offer to your child. Any family vacations you choose to go on can involve exploring the area you visit to show your child what’s out there. If you can pay attention to the subjects they’re reading about and try to incorporate them into where you take your child for educational excursions.

The learning process doesn’t have to be boring or mundane, and it certainly doesn’t have to be contained inside your child’s classroom. By implementing a variety of experiences and opportunities for your child, you might be able to ignite a different appreciation for education that’s so fun your child won’t feel like they’re being forced to learn at all. As they learn and develop new conversations and opinions, be mentally present to encourage their progress. You might discover that your child’s educational experiences inspire you to dig deeper for your own fulfillment and enrichment.

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