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My son has an imagination like you would not believe. He LOVES his LEGOs because he can have free reign with his imagination. He will use LEGO after LEGO creating something new BUT he has a thing for including different minifigures. Sometimes he sees LEGO sets he wants, not because he wants to build the set but because he wants the minifigures that come with it. When I came across The Way of the Geek on Etsy, I knew it was a match made in heaven!!


I think my son looked at every single minifigure they have available. He loved how they have ones that he has never seen before. Why? Because The Way of the Geek isn’t LEGO brand BUT they sell LEGO compatible minifigures individually (with accessories) that look JUST LIKE the LEGO brand ones! My son said he couldn’t tell a difference other than that they had some cooler ones than LEGO 🙂


Reverse Flash and Captain Cold

About The Way of the Geek Minifigures

  • Brand new
  • Individually packaged
  • Handmade, Custom molded and printed
  • Compatible with LEGO brand and LEGO-like brands
  • Minifigures are approximately 1 3/4″ tall
  • Made of non-toxic ABS Plastic
  • High quality 
  • Much more cost efficient than the brand name
  • Sold individually or in sets

Iron Man 9 piece set


Star Wars 8 piece set

The Benefits to LEGOs

LEGOs are such a great way of allowing a child to use their imagination. The possibilities are endless of inventions they can build with LEGOs. Giving your child a tub full of LEGOs to build whatever they like. By providing minifigures, your child can engage in more than just the building aspect. They can then begin to role play.

Role playing is key for a child to expand their knowledge of the life around them. While they are role playing, they are developing stronger communication and language skills. It allows them to make sense of real-life situations by acting them out. Allowing your child to explore and experiment also helps them to learn more without even realizing they are learning!


Flash and Zoom

Other reasons role play is so important

  • It develops social skills
  • Helps children see things in different perspectives while taking on different roles
  • Ignites creativity and imagination
  • Allows them to express their feelings


MiniFigures Featured

9 piece Iron Man Set

8 piece Star Wars Set

FlashReverse Flash, Captain Cold, and Zoom

So, not only are there great benefits but kids just enjoy using their imagination. Stretch your child’s imagination with minifigures by The Way of the Geek!

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