How Water Mitigation Aids in Puddle Prevention

Water mitigation
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Water mitigation is a multistep process that involves removing standing water from a property, repairing water damage, and preventing further damage. This process is designed to fix immediate problems and prevent residual damage in the future. Home and business owners should learn about the benefits of a water mitigation system.


The first step to reducing water damage is to perform an inspection. When working with services such as Service Master Team, professionals are called in to inspect the site, classify the different types of damage and determine their danger levels. They have to select the right types of repair and maintenance services to perform first. Once the damage has been identified, specialized equipment is brought in to aid in the restoration process.

Water Removal

After an inspection, the next step is to perform water extraction to remove any remaining water. Floodwater is highly toxic and can carry a variety of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The water is often combined with raw sewage from sewer systems and debris from roads, vehicles, and buildings. Any standing water needs to be removed to reduce water damage and protect the health of restoration workers.


Water mitigation service providers use a wide range of equipment to extract the water and dry out the area, including fans, vacuums, and dehumidifiers. Drying a wet area is necessary because moisture harbors the growth of bacteria and mold. The process may require 24 to 72 hours until the next steps can be taken.


Water mitigation professionals will apply temporary solutions to prevent permanent damage. They may cover damaged windows, walls, or floors with a tarp to prevent the entry of more toxic air, water, moisture, and debris. For instance, a tarp placed over a broken door will prevent the wind from pushing more floodwater into the house.

In addition, professionals often throw out water-damaged furniture that cannot be repaired or replaced. First, they make a detailed evaluation of every item that has been damaged in the house. This information is given to home and flood insurance companies so that adjusters can calculate the correct rates for repairs and replacements.

Flooding is a serious issue that all property owners should be aware of. Increased global warming activity is leading to increased catastrophic flooding that affects countless homes and businesses every year. The water that remains after a flood is toxic and carries disease-causing pathogens. It has to be removed as quickly as possible with the help of remediation service providers who perform water extraction, drying, and restoration services.

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