Five Uses of CSI Wall Panels

Five Uses for CSI Wall Panels

Gone are the days of simply painting a room or adding wallpaper to a wall. CSI Wall Panels add dimension and character to any space while absorbing unwanted noise through their high-tech, stylish design. These tailor-made, acoustic panels are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also environmentally-friendly, Class-A fire rated, and sustainable.

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Here are some ways that you can use wall panels by CSI in your home or office:

1. Enjoy cooking meals in a Tuscan style kitchen by adding faux brick wall panels. You can add a few silk English Ivy trees to add more depth and style to your kitchen.

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2. Adding wall panels three-quarters of the way up the wall in an office will add height to a room. Add 3D panels every so often to bring out the character of the space and add dimension.

3. A framed, fabric, floor-to-ceiling wall panel behind a bed adds a feeling of comfort and elegance to any bedroom. Other elements that will enhance the sense of comfort are silk plants, pillows, soft blankets, a comfortable chair, a beautiful rug, and beautiful artwork.

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4. A living space can be spruced up when a 3D wall panel is added to one wall. I would recommend adding wall panels to the wall that your couch sits on because that is generally your largest wall. Add some interesting light fixtures, bold furniture colors and plants to accent the space.

5. When added to a small space, like a nook, wall panels can be used horizontally to make the area feel more substantial. You can add a bench seat with storage with horizontal wood plank panels for a nautical feel.

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Wood panels can make any space feel more architecturally exciting and add character and depth to an area that paint and wallpaper do not typically achieve.

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2 thoughts on “Five Uses of CSI Wall Panels

  1. These panels are so nice and stylish. I would love to add these to my bedroom.

  2. These are very nice panels and good tips on how to use them. I like adding them horizontally to make the space seem bigger.

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