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Classical music has so many benefits for both children and adults. Starting your newborn out with classical music gives them the foundation of a stable, relaxed life. These super soft bears provide quality classical music!

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About Virtuoso Classic Music Bear

The Virtuoso Bears come in a bear of both Beethoven and Mozart. Each of them is extremely soft and is a high quality stuffed animal. With 40 minutes FULL of beautiful music by each composer, your child will never get bored. There is plenty of music to keep their minds going all while creating that calming effect.

Inside the pocket where the music box is located, you will find a pull-out pocket that has a short autobiography of the composer. It is a great way for you as a parent to learn more about the composer but also allows your child to have something to read when they become of reading age! Hopefully sooner than later with the help of classical music!

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One lucky reader will receive a Virtuoso Bear!

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5 thoughts on “Virtuoso Classical Music Bear

  1. One benefit I see in Classical Music for children is a way to learn a way to wind themselves down after being busy. Also, there is a mathematical component of learning with classical music, I used to know what it was but I’ve forgotten how it is supposed to work. I believe that some children that have innate musical talent can pick out in their minds how many keys apart notes are when they hear them and somehow it helps develop the mathematical portion of the brain faster and better. Wish I could remember it exactly but it was something along that line.

  2. Would love to win this bear. Baby 2 on the way and would have loved to know about this bear with my first. Love the music it plays.

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