Repurpose and Create a Vintage Jewelry Organizer

Creating a Vintage Jewelry Organizer by Repurposing

Written by Jess

As a professional organizer and a creative person, I am always looking for projects that are effective in reusing items in a creative, functionally organized way. I was driving through our downtown district and happened upon a home that was having new doors installed. Imagine my surprise when I found an old door that held endless possibilities for potential projects. A week later, I was passing through another area in town and came across a “free yard sale” where I picked up several pieces of stainless steel serving spoons and forks. I immediately knew what I would create!

Vintage Jewelry Organizer

The base of the door was rotten, so I cut the bottom off, then scrapped the paint off of the windows. I lightly sanded the door but didn’t paint it because I wanted to keep the “vintage” look. I bent the serving utensils and added them to the door based on the measurements that I knew I needed to follow. I also added hooks and an old knob to the top that I already had. I made my light fixture out of an old lantern and hung a mirror that I found in my garage to the door frame. After the door frame was in place, I went to the thrift shop and bought a few items to finish the project – a custom vanity with jewelry storage.

Vintage Jewelry Organizer

Some of the pieces that I recently received from 7 Charming Sisters look beautiful on my vanity. Here are a few of the pieces that I have added:

Always My Baby Necklace

I am not sure how long this will remain on my vanity – my teenage daughter has her sights set on it! We love the antique, simple design. This necklace brings class to any outfit!

Vintage Jewelry Organizer

Beautiful Nightmare Ring

I love rings! I love the vintage style design around the black stone. It would look great paired with a casual outfit or used to dress up a sundress.

Vintage Jewelry Organizer

Perfection of Thought

Unique jewelry always catches my attention! The opera style necklace paired with a necklace with a shorter chain and a v-shaped neckline would add a nice contrast to an outfit.

Vintage Jewelry Organizer

Know Who You Are

I love rocks! Though this is not an actual geode, it gives the appearance that it is. It is lightweight and a beautiful purple hue. The gold chain accentuates the purple rather nicely.

Vintage Jewelry Organizer

Work Your Magic Earring and Necklace Set

I love this set! It has quickly become one of my favorite jewelry sets. The elegant, vintage design will look fantastic with a dress casual to a semi-formal outfit.

Vintage Jewelry Organizer

Every woman needs a few (or many) pieces of jewelry. Check out Charming Sisters for many more choices!

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