Value of Children Engaging in Independent Free Play

Why is Independent Free Play So Important?

Structure is extremely important, as is spending time with your children but unstructured free play has many benefits of it’s own. Allowing children to increase their imagination through independent free play or even playing with other children without the instructions of an adult has seven wonderful benefits. 

Independent Free Play

7 Benefits of Independent Free Play

  • Unstructured free play helps children learn how to work together, advocate for themselves, and increase their sharing skills. Children will begin to understand how to resolve their very own conflicts instead of needing others to solve it for them.
  • Increases brain development
  • Develops creativity
  • Grows leadership skills
  • Allows children to improve decision-making skills
  • Child can fully engage in what THEY find interesting
  • Strengthens imagination

Independent Free Play

Ideas for Independent Free Play

Outdoors are a great place to experience free play. With the winter months approaching, indoor play may be more suitable. 

Giving a child toys that can be used to create their OWN storyline are great. They can then use those toys and their imagination to engage in independent free play. 

Independent Free Play

Jumbo Farm Animals (Mammas and Babies) Set – Suitable for ages 2 and up

The Jumbo Farm Animals comes with eight different play figures. A mamma and a baby of each of the four animals are included.

  • Cow/Calf
  • Sheep/lamb
  • Pig/piglet
  • Goose/Gosling

Independent Free Play

They are crush resistant and can be easily cleaned. Realistic details of the animals allow children to play as if they ARE real! 

Independent Free Play

The Jumbo Jungle Animals can be a great source for parents to provide during independent free play. Children can make up their own story of what is happening with the animals.

Independent Free Play

My daughter is four-years-old and will play for a long time by herself pretending the animals are chasing each other through a jungle and even pretends they are playing hide and seek. You never know what your child is capable of coming up with until you sneak a peak during free play. 

New Sprouts Mix It!

I love baking. My daughter loves to join in beside me. Sometimes, she is interested in baking when I don’t have anything that I need to bake. The New Sprouts Mix It! is a great way for the little bakers in your family to get creative in their very own room. 

Independent Free Play

The New Sprouts Mix It! is a standing mixer equipped with a spinning beater, measuring cup, stick of butter, 2-piece egg, and bowl for mixing. My daughter makes all sorts of new recipes using her New Sprouts Mix It! I love listening to her using her imagination. She talks to herself the entire time she plays. I love it!

Independent Free Play

New Sprouts has a whole line of toys that are great for independent free play. I am adding the New Sprouts Bake It! to her Christmas list! She LOVES helping bake cookies. Learning Resources has so many great toys to cultivate learning and free play!

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  1. I am all for Independent free play. My grandkids like playing games, etc. together. However, each of them also enjoys playing by theirselves.

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