Valentine Gifts for Pets – 2021

Valentine Gifts for Pets – 2021


Key to My Heart

SodaPup Toys are an excellent choice for teething puppies. SodaPup offers toys that are almost indestructible while still being FDA compliant and nontoxic. While no toy is completely indestructible, the toys from SodaPup are extremely durable and great for power chewers. A few of our favorites include the SodaPup Key to My Heart which is a hard nylon red key-shaped toy made specifically for power chewers. It is great for heavy chewers that range between 15-80 lbs. 

Heart on a String

Heart on a String is another great toy from SodaPup. Heart on a Sting toy is vet-approved AND dishwasher safe. When it comes to slobbery toys, knowing they can be sanitized every so often is a nice feature. The ridges on the heart both stimulates and cleans your dog’s teeth. Chew toys with ridges are great for helping prevent tooth decay and bad breath!

Honey Bone

One of our puppy’s absolute favorite chew toys is the Honey Bone. We use this bone often when we are working on brushing her beautiful coat. He has chewed on this bone for hours already and has barely made a scratch on the bone. He never gets bored of his Honey Bone. Plus, it keeps his breath smelling good!

Team Plover Leash & Collar

This Valentine’s Day, show some love to the one who has always loved you unconditionally…your dog! What better way to do that than with a collar and leash from Team Plover. Team Plover is a purpose-driven pet supply company based out of Toronto, Canada. Their goal is to create a world where every pet has a loving home. Every Team Plover collar or leash sold helps a homeless dog reach a loving home. As an added bonus, along with your purchase of any Team Plover collar or leash, you get a short video showing you the exact dog you helped rescue! Team Plover collars and leashes are all handmade in Canada with love by a dedicated team of artisans. Shop Team Plover today to show your love to your dog and to a dog in need.

Treat Dispensers

Need to keep your pup entertained a bit longer? The Treat Dispensers from SodaPup are a great resource. Start by choosing from a variety of sizes based on your dog’s weight. Next, you will find several different types of toys such as grenades, soda cans, coffee cups, footballs, cupcakes, frogs, and more. Inside, you place a treat so that your dog will try to chew even harder to get the reward… a healthy treat! The great thing is, they keep dogs entertained for hours and can be refilled with more treats at any point.

Farm Hounds

Another great company to purchase from is Farm Hounds. Farm Hounds work directly with farms to provide raw, dehydrated products for your dogs. With each purchase, you will receive the product with the name of the farm it was purchased from before being sold to you. All their products are grain-free, no fillers, no salt, no sugar, no glycerin, no synthetic vitamins, no artificial ingredients, no pesticides or chemicals, no antibiotics, and include no growth-hormones. It is the purest way to give your dog the added nutrients they need.  

Farm Hounds sells 

  • Hand-cut, sun-dried hides, 
  • Bags with jerky, gizzards, and organs
  • Blood and Liver Toppers to sprinkle on your pet’s food

Farm Hounds also have subscription services available so you never run low on products. Their subscription service also allows you to save $20 a month. Our puppy’s favorite is the pig snouts from Farm Hounds.

When looking to provide your dog a healthy diet, most dry dog foods are full of fillers that wind up making your dog overweight and offering a lack of nutrients that they need. Proper nutrition for an animal is much like that for a human in the aspect of skin, coat, and organs. A healthy diet also allows your dog the full benefits of living a longer, more energetic, and happy life. is a pet meal service company. Unlike buying dry or canned foods that have sat on the grocery store shelves for months at a time, meals are made with high-quality, human-grade, whole-food ingredients. The only difference is, is cautious to not include any of the foods mentioned above that could possibly harm a dog. combines the foods a dog needs to be sure to cover the nutritional needs every dog needs. You can use Pet Plate foods as a full meal or as a topper to store-bought dry foods. They are shipped directly to your home frozen. Just thaw and serve! Our puppy’s favorite is the Lip Lickin’ Lamb.

Bark Pouch

Want a little treat for your dog to be able to easily carry anywhere you go? Bark Pouch is a pouch similar to the fruit pouches you buy for your kids but they are treats for dogs. Bark Pouch gives loving pet parents peace of mind knowing the ingredients are carefully curated in a convenient pouch so they can focus on what matters most, spending time with their dogs. Open, give your dog a lick or two, put the cap back on, and throw it in a purse to use later! Choose from 5 different flavors that your dog is sure to love!

Raise the Woof Boutique

When you have a dog that you have fallen head over heels with, you just want to treat them as if they are one of your kids. Raise the Woof Boutique has several custom products that are available for your pet. I absolutely love the design of the Personalized Sherpa Fleece Blanket with the names in the shape of a paw print. Aside from the design, the quality of the blanket is fantastic. Even with a pup who loves to gnaw on everything, the Raise the Woof Boutique Paw Print Blanket still looks perfect! It is great to use for a cover over their crate when you want them to sleep. Sometimes seeing outside of the crate will keep a dog crying to get out. This blanket is just the right size to cover the crate, keeping your pup sleeping!

Car Seat Hammock

When looking for a great way to travel with your pets, look no further than Bark Box. Their seat cover is the best in the business. Safely transport your dog while still protecting your seats from getting pet hair on it, stains from puppy accidents, wear and tear on seats from your dog’s nails, scratches on the doors, and from pet dander. Plus, it keeps your puppy comfortable and buckled. 600D Oxford microsuede is durable and comfortable on your dog’s paws, while a rubber underside keeps the cover from slipping and sliding. This dog hammock with 6 sturdy adjustable nylon safety straps and a bungee nylon seat belt. They will be sure to love resting their head on the bolster pillows which can be easily configured in any position with their easily adjusted velcro bases. No need to worry about car sickness with this hammock. The front window of the hammock is made of breathable mesh which allows airflow and visibility for your dog. You can wipe down, vacuum, or even throw the whole hammock in the wash! It can be used in any size of vehicle. The buckle has a little give in it which is nice!

Bark Box Puppy Toys

Bark Box is often thought of as a subscription service but it is far more than that. You may have seen Bark Box toys in the pet aisle at Target or you may have seen ads for them online. They DO have a subscription service that delivers a box full of fun for your pup every month. However, they also sell products ala carte. If you have a new puppy, you may be looking for specific cute toys. Bark Box has you covered! Check out all their great puppy toys or sign up for a Bark Box subscription box to be sent directly to you! The turtle “teether” is one of our puppy’s favorites. I call it the teether because it reminds me of an actual baby teether.  

Bark Box Charcoal Training Pads

These 5 layer pee pads are designed to keep your floors clean but look a little more decorative than a typical pee pad. They are ultra-absorbent, holding 1.5x more liquid than the competitor. With no-slip tabs on the back, pee pads will stay in the same spot and not be slid all over the floor! The gel technology turns the liquid pee into gel quickly to prevent leaks from happening. Pheromone is what attracts the dog to pee on the pad instead of other areas of the home. Keep your floors clean and make any “accidents” super easy to clean… just fold and toss in the trash!


The Mobowl is a take-anywhere flexible, foldable water/food pet bowl with a carrying pouch.  The Mobowl® multi-purpose pet bowl with carrying pouch can attach to a collar, leash, harness, or placed in your pocket.   Dogs can carry their own bowl!  

Whether you are taking your dog to visit friends, going for a walk, at the beach, hiking, or a car ride, It is important to be prepared by having products essential for your dog’s well being.  Having a lightweight and foldable bowl readily available makes hydrating your dog easier and less cumbersome. The folded bowl in the pouch weighs 1.7 ounces and is 3 ½” x 3 ½” in size.


Cats love to scratch and hide, don’t they? The Furry Masterpiece, the Catbox, allows a cat to hide and scratch while still giving you a good laugh and great photo ops of your cat. The Furry Masterpiece is a sturdy cardboard cat house and play space. At the bottom of the box, there is an integrated scratching pad that will keep them enjoying their playtime. Be sure to have your camera handy since Furry Masterpieces allows cats’ faces to become part of The Mona Lisa, The Scream, The Creation of David, American Gothic, and Starry Night. It is safe and healthy for your pet as it is made with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with a cat-safe soy-based ink. The scratching pad is made of non-toxic glues. 10% of all the profits go to cat shelters and adoption organizations.


Finnessiam products are formulated with every pet in mind and are safe to be used on puppies (and their two-legged friends, too). Finnessiam Pet Shampoo is free of; SLS, Scents, Dyes, Phthalates, Parabens, MEA & DEA and formulated to work on both well and city water. Its main ingredient is colloidal silver and is also very soothing for pets. The Finnessiam Brilliant Balm would be a great addition to help protect those little paws against the cold winter pavement and any salt or snow. The Finnessiam Colloidal Silver itself is registered as a Veterinary Health Product and is a staple for any pet home as it is great to spray on any scratches to keep them clean. Colloidal Silver is also great for post-surgery areas to relieve itching. (Great on kids’ sunburn and scratches too!) There is also an alcohol-free ear cleaner which will help to maintain a healthy ear canal and help prevent waxy build-up. You can find them at along with grooming tools to go with them at

HandsOn Pet Washing Gloves

HandsOn Gloves grooming, bathing, and massaging innovation add comfort and joy to your pets at home groom time adding TLC! HandsOn Gloves also offer support for those that may suffer from inflammatory arthritis conditions in their hands adding a health benefit for the mobility of the finger and palm joints. HandsOn Gloves scrubbing nodules and hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components clinically are proven to be safe for use with humans and animals. The gloves work wet or dry allowing for the perfect combination to care for your pet at home and on the go. Users will find their animals wanting to come closer at groom time and the gloves help keep fur shedding to a minimum and their bond with your family to a maximum. The gloves come in the following sizes: Kids Junior and Adult S, M, L & XL and Colors: Green, Black, or Purple.

Mirage Pet Products

Mirage Pet Products features a variety of pet products including collars, leashes, bow ties, neckties, bows, blankets, dog beds, dog clothing, and dog toys. Probably my favorite Mirage Pet Products are their Knit Knack toys which our puppy loves and their ruffled blankets. The blankets are very high quality, thick blankets which are perfect for this cold weather but also great to add to their dog bed for added comfort. Mirage Pet Products offer quite a bit of personalized products, too!

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