Unique Gift for Those Who Have Made a Lasting Impression on your Life

Lasting Impression on the Ones You Love

When you think of a someone who has made a lasting impression on your life, I am sure that you adore the person for the love they have given you and the influence they have had on your life. My daughter, at age four, already has people in her life that have made a lasting impression on her but there are others that she, herself has made an impression on their lives. For one, in particular, the impression has gone both ways. Let me share…

lasting impression

One of the Greatest Impressions

My daughter is adopted. If you have read some of my adoption blog posts, you may be familiar with her story. She was the youngest of five when she was removed from her home. From the time she was born until she came to us at a little over 18 months old, her oldest sister took a lot of the responsibility of being her caregiver at the age of 11. For that, I am extremely grateful. My daughter has a special love for her sister despite living in different homes. We get the siblings together about each month. Those two especially, tend to cling to each other through the whole visit. 

lasting impression

I was trying to think of a way to give her sister a special gift to thank her for all she did in my daughter’s early years. When Precious Metal Prints asked me to review one of their products, she was the very first person I thought of! This is the PERFECT gift I was looking for. 

lasting impression

Precious Metal Prints sent me a box with a small piece of soft clay inside. All I had to do was roll it into a ball and smoosh it between a piece of plastic that was included in the box. Then, I took my daughter’s clean, dry finger and pressed it into the clay leaving her fingerprint. It took less than five minutes to complete. We left it out to dry overnight, placed it back inside the box and mailed it back to Precious Metal Prints

lasting impression

In a little over a week, I received the completed metal charm back in the mail with my daughter’s fingerprint. Now, my daughter can give her sister her “impression” to thank her for the lasting impression she has had on her life. The girls may not live together or even see each other every day but with the Precious Metal Prints, my daughter’s oldest sister can carry a little reminder of the impact she has made on someone she loves dearly!

lasting impression

Who has made an impression on YOUR life? Precious Metal Prints make great personalized gifts. They also offer animal nose print charms, too!

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