UnbuckleMe Relieves the Pressure of Unbuckling Your Little Ones #Review

Make Unbuckling Your Little One Easier with UnBuckle Me

Many suffer from arthritis or even carpal tunnel making unbuckling little ones a real pain. Literally. Suffer no more with UnbuckleMe.


When Barbara Heilman became a grandmother, she often found herself staying home to keep from having to battle the pain of unbuckling her granddaughter. Arthritis in her thumb made it almost impossible to push the button required to unbuckle the car seat. She began to work on a solution to her problem which resulted in the birth of UnBuckleMe. 

Working with her daughter Becca, Barbara has now made UnBuckling much easier for their customers. Each car seat buckle takes approximately 9lbs of pressure. UnBuckleMe cuts that pressure in half with it’s lever arm. 


So, although I do not have arthritis, MY biggest car seat problem is, my daughter often sits in the back seat of the van. Considering she will be 4 next month and can’t unbuckle herself adds a little frustration to days when either I am in a hurry, it’s raining or cold or simply because I don’t feel like folding seats down to reach the back seat, Unbuckle me is a GREAT solution!!! 


Don’t let the frustration of unbuckling keep you home. Get UnbuckleMe and enjoy life without the pains!

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