Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer Outside with Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and BLAST Portable Speakers

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and BLAST Portable Speakers

There are just some things that make summertime special. Lazy days at the pool, backyard barbecues, or just having some friends over for a nice dinner are all part of what makes summer AWESOME! In any of these environments, having just the right music playing adds that personal flair and touch, making those special memories just perfect!
The Ultimate Ears Megablast and Blast portable speakers are the perfect addition to any summer activity. These speakers are the perfect blend of amazing sound combined with cutting-edge technology!

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I will start by telling you about the sound, after all, that is the most important part of the music right?! These speakers produce an amazing clarity whether the thumping bass or the high-end strings, you will be thrilled with the clarity these speakers produce!

The technology side is where the Ultimate Ears Megablast and Blast portable speakers REALLY step it up. First of all, both the Megablaslast and the Blast are fully Alexa integrated. Whether you need to crank the volume, change the song, or check the weather, a simple “Hey Alexa” and you are on your way! In addition, these speakers are fully compatible with streaming services such as IHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, and Spotify.

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Speaking of Spotify, the Megablast and Blast take it to a whole new level! Not only does it feature voice control for Spotify, it also connects via Spotify Connect. What this means for the listener is when using your phone, you can stream via wifi but yet still use your phone for messaging or calls without any interruptions!

Making Megablast and Blast even more customizable is its soon to be released grouping experience. Using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, listeners can connect up to eight different speakers together wirelessly! Whether you are in a home, auditorium, backyard, or large field, you will be covered with your favorite music thanks to the grouping experience of the Megablast and Blast Speakers!

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If all of that wasn’t enough, both the Megablast and Blast speakers are drop resistant and waterproof! This feature comes in handy especially for a day at the pool or just in case of that afternoon summer rain! Either way, you will be happy to know that your speakers are safe!

So, fully enjoy the rest of your summer and get your Megablast or Blast speakers today!

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