What Type of California Car Shipping Is Right For You?

California Car Shipping
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When shipping your car, whether because of a long-distance move or because you found a good deal on a vehicle in another state, research reliable transport companies and request instant quotes. Cost considerations depend upon several variables such as vehicle type and distance traveled for transport.

Pick-up and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed due to unpredictable circumstances like weather and traffic; therefore, be prepared to pay more if you require an exact timetable.

When shipping a car long distances, several choices must be made in advance. You need to decide between an open or enclosed carrier, what kind of insurance policy to purchase, whether door-to-door service or terminal-to-terminal service will best meet your needs, etc. However, one of the most crucial steps involves finding an appropriate transportation company.

Open Carrier

Open car shipping is an affordable and efficient method of long-distance car transport, typically offering wider pick-up and delivery windows to fit into your schedule and budget. Open trailers have the capacity of carrying several vehicles simultaneously allowing companies to offer lower rates while staying competitive in their market.

Open carrier transport trucks resemble large eighteen-wheelers and feature two decks. These vehicles are often seen on highways. Their first deck has a flatbed on which vehicles are loaded, while their second level acts as an open trailer without a roof – this type of carrier can transport any car type including standard models as well as classic or exotic ones.

Some drivers opt to load their car onto an open carrier so as to shield it from road debris and any possible leakage from vehicles on its lower deck, but for higher-value or high-end models it may be wiser to opt for enclosed transport.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed carriers provide extra protection for your vehicle during transport. They tend to be smaller than open trucks and only fit a handful of cars at once, which makes them more costly overall; however, enclosed carriers are an ideal solution for classic or exotic models that need extra safeguarding against weather and road debris conditions.

Enclosed auto transport is also ideal for cars with low ground clearance, which would otherwise bottom out when driven onto an open-air carrier and cause irreparable undercarriage damage. Many companies that provide enclosed auto transport also provide white glove services so your car will receive the highest level of care during its transport journey.

However, it should be noted that booking an enclosed carrier usually takes more time than booking with an open one due to more carriers preferring this method for transporting multiple cars at once, which benefits their bottom line and saves them time in scheduling the shipment.


Door-to-door car shipping offers drivers who require long distance transport an advantageous alternative to terminal shipping, although this method has its drawbacks.

Door-to-door service allows a carrier to pick up your car directly from its parking spot (or nearby) and deliver it directly to its final destination address, making this the easiest and simplest way to ship. No time-consuming terminal visits needed either way! This time saved can be a valuable asset when moving.

Consideration should also be given when selecting a door-to-door service; you must be present to deliver and sign a bill of lading for your car, so have extra keys handy and inspect for marks or scratches prior to leaving your vehicle with the carrier. You can click the link: https://www.popularmechanics.com/how-to-fix-a-car-paint-scratch/ for tips on how to fix scratches in your car’s paint.

Additionally, it’s essential that you be aware that any door-to-door service provider must present you with a contract. They’ll bring it directly to your doorstep and give you the time you need to carefully read over it before signing. This step is crucial as the contract contains legal terminology you may not fully comprehend.


Terminal shipping requires customers to travel to car shipping terminals to drop off and collect their vehicle; however it still offers significant cost-cutting potential as the carrier handles all logistics for them. 

Terminal shipping can also be useful for classic or luxury vehicles that must remain stored over an extended period of time before being driven on public roads again.

Car shipping terminals are large facilities designed to help carriers load multiple cars onto one trailer at the same time. This is a common way to conduct auto transport in California, and it can offer substantial savings. They’re typically located near urban areas to make access easier for trucks. 

Some terminals specialize in handling oversized or modified cars while others feature cranes, forklift services and towing equipment, so when considering terminal-to-terminal shipping it’s essential that your chosen company offers secure storage locations that you can rely on.

By choosing this option, you will enjoy greater scheduling flexibility. Drive your car directly to a terminal near you where it will be stored until pickup by a carrier truck and delivered directly to its destination terminal. When selecting this type of service it is wise to collect quotes to get an accurate price.

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