Traveling With Cats in the Car – Long Distance Tips

If you’re planning to go on a long-distance trip with your cat, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are both well prepared. Your cat would probably love to stay at home, so you might be a little bit concerned about how she or he will behave during the trip. However, they can come with you wherever you go, you only need to be well-prepared. So, here are some important long-distance tips for traveling with cats in a car.

Traveling With Cats

Finding The Right Carrier

Most people don’t use their cat’s crate or carrier so often. However, when going on a long-distance trip, a nice carrier is a must. Your cat will spend a lot of time in and out of the carrier while you are on the road. So, choose one that is the most comfortable for your cat. There are many varieties of carries, hard-sided, soft-sided, or with removable fluffy liners. Based on your cat’s temperament, you can pick one that would make her feel safe and secure. Whether you’re taking a vacation or taking road trips in UK, your cat should have a feeling of security in her carrier. Before hitting the road, make sure your cat gets to know their new carrier before being in the car. Place their favorite toys and blankets inside of the carrier, so your kitty feels happy and comfortable going inside. 

Bring A Litter Tray

If your journey is long, you will have to take breaks for yourself and your cat, as well. Bring a disposable litter in a litter tray and place it somewhere where your cat can reach it easily. Also, don’t feed your kitty 5-6 hours before you start your journey, since they can get motion sickness. 

Get Your Cat Microchipped

Even though your cat spends most of its time inside of the house, it’s a good idea to get it microchipped. Just in case they get scared and run away while you’re traveling. 

Keep Your Cat Hydrated and Carry Cat Treats

Traveling can be stressful for your cat, and they can become hydrated. So, make sure to give them plenty of water and carry their favorite cat treats. If they see you eating and are trying to take a bite, make sure you know which food is dangerous to the pets

Take Brakes 

When traveling on a long-distance journey, take breaks and make sure all doors and windows are closed if your cat is out of the carrier. However, you can take your kitty for a little walk. Just use a cat harness a take a little stroll together. Also, remember not to leave your cat alone in the car. If you’re going somewhere to have lunch, place your cat in a carrier and take it with you. 

Prepare The New Place

Before you book a place to stay, always let your hosts know that you’re bringing a cat. Once you have arrived at your destination, make the room suitable for your kitty. Place their bowls of water, food, toys, and litter tray. Once the cat sees all of their stuff in the room, it will make them feel safe and comfortable. Let your cat explore a new place in their own time. 

Give Your Cat Time to Adjust

If your cat is scared and doesn’t want to get out of the carrier, just give it some time and space. The cat will come out once it feels safe and ready to explore a new place. You can also place their favorite toys, blanket, or their bed close to the crate. It’s important to let your cat feel like they are in control. 

Try To Keep to The Routine

Cats like to eat, sleep, and play at certain times. So, it’s important to keep their routine the same as much as possible. If they love playing before bedtime, try to maintain their playing time. If it’s their feed time and you are leaving for a journey again, just give them a little bit, so they don’t get car sick. 

Traveling with cats can be fun, as long as you find the right carrier and try to maintain their routine.

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